Drugs n Stuff

Drugs n Stuff with Dave Crosland. A pull no punches, honest look inside the mind of a man who has pushed his physical size well beyond the limits of what most people would ever fathom possible. Join Dave and Scott McNally for a unique education on every aspect of building the human body. You will learn what works, and just as importantly what does not work from the biggest guy in podcasting.

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 44

18 Feb 2020

Drugs n Stuff 44: HCG is being reclassified. Once considered a drug, as of March 2020, HCG is considered a Biologic, which will change the way it is sold through compounding pharmacies. Plus, a lesson in the legality of HCG in the UK...

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 43

11 Feb 2020

Drugs n Stuff 43 - Steroids are being sold on social media!?
Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott McNally.



Drugs n Stuff, Episode 42

03 Feb 2020

Drugs n Stuff 42 with Dave Crosland and Scott McNally



Drugs n Stuff, Episode 41

20 Jan 2020

Drugs n Stuff 41: Steroid Dosing for Sports. With Dave Crosland and Scott McNally.
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Drugs n Stuff, Episode 40

06 Jan 2020

Drugs n Stuff 40 with Dave Crosland. This week: Update on the raw powder and SARMs out of China. Then Masteron and proviron and their ability to free up test. Microdosing of test and other compounds, Injectable SARMs, plus New Years Resolutions...

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 39

31 Dec 2019

Drugs n Stuff 39 with Dave Crosland: Gynecomastia. Can you reverse it with Letro or another Ai? Is surgery necessary? How quickly will gyno develop? How much can it impact your look on stage? Suggestions on options for surgery?

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 38

10 Dec 2019

Drugs n Stuff 38: Raw Powder Shut Down? Dave Crosland drops what might be a bomb on the fitness world, saying that there is talk of Chinese manufacturers putting more strict regulations on the production of raw powders used for UGL steroid production...

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 37

12 Nov 2019

Drugs n Stuff 37: Special Guest Researcher Victoria Felkar joins Dave and Scott to discuss 2 topics.

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 36

05 Nov 2019

Drugs n Stuff 36 with Dave Crosland and Scott McNally. Dave is invited to a conference for Expert Witnesses like himself. Plus listener questions.

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 35

14 Oct 2019

Drugs n Stuff Episode 35 with Dave Crosland and Scott Mcnally.

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