Renegade Muscle

Renegade Muscle features Bodybuilding Legend Lee Priest and host Geoff Roberts.
Lee Priest, the Blonde Myth, is known as one of the best bodybuilders through the 1990’s and into the 2000’s. He and Geoff formerly were a part of the International Iron Podcast and have reunited to deal out more entertainment and stories from Lee. Remember that this program is for entertainment purposes so don’t take Lee too seriously when he’s having fun and messing around

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Renegade Muscle, 11: with lee priest

20 Nov 2020

Renegade Muscle 11 with Lee Priest. Hosted by Geoff Roberts. This week, Politics, Lee’s surgery and the Olympia!...

Renegade Muscle, 10: lee priest & ron harris

27 Oct 2020

Renegade Muscle 10: Lee Priest & Ron Harris. Special guest, Ron Harris of Muscular Development Magazine joins Lee Priest and Geoff Roberts...

Renegade Muscle, 09 with lee priest

12 Oct 2020

Renegade Muscle 9 With Lee Priest. Hosted by Geoff Roberts.
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Renegade Muscle, 08: w/ lee priest

17 Sep 2020

Renegade Muscle with Lee Priest 08. Hosted by Geoff Roberts. This week, New York Pro talk plus tons of listener questions...

Renegade Muscle, 6 with lee priest

10 Aug 2020

Renegade Muscle 6 with Lee Priest. Hosted by Geoff Roberts.
 - Phil Heath throws his hat into the ring for the 2020 Olympia
 - Tampa Pro review
 - Listener questions and more...

Renegade Muscle, 05 with lee priest

23 Jul 2020

Renegade Muscle 05 with Lee Priest. Hosted by Geoff Roberts. Lee and Geoff are back!

Renegade Muscle, 04 with lee priest

02 Jul 2020

Renegade Muscle 04 With Lee Priest. Hosted by Geoff Roberts....

Renegade Muscle, 03 with lee priest

29 May 2020

Renegade Muscle 03 with Lee Priest. Geoff Roberts and Lee Priest are back to discuss pretty much everything EXCEPT bodybuilding. Kidding! There is a little bodybuilding in there. This week...

Renegade Muscle, Episode 02

11 May 2020

Renegade Muscle 02: Lee Priest and Geoff Roberts

Renegade Muscle, Episode 01

20 Apr 2020

Renegade Muscle 01 with Bodybuilding legend Lee Priest and Geoff Roberts. Join Lee and Geoff for a mix of bodybuilding and off topic conversation, taking listener questions and discussing everything from Lee’s off season bulking methods to why it should still be ok to use the word “Retarded”.