Beyond Driven Radio

Hosted by David Johnston and Dave Smith

The fitness industry in general, and the bodybuilding world specifically, have experienced a revolution of sorts over the past decade. For better or worse, everything has changed, and seems destined to continue changing at an everfaster pace.

"Beyond Driven Radio", hosted by David Johnston and Dave Smith, is a weekly podcast delving into the philosophical, psychological and sociological underpinnings of the fitness industry, and those who choose to live this lifestyle. We focus on current hot topics widely debated in the industry, and how they tie to our motivations, as well as the choices that we as individuals make. From extreme drug use, to the fetishistic side of the sport; from the devaluing of the pro card, to the "everybody's a champion" mentality, and all things in between, all legitimate thought and intelligent analysis is welcomed at Beyond Driven Radio: Bodybuilding's First Stand.

Beyond Driven Radio, Episode 03

10 Oct 2017

This week on Beyond Driven Radio, David Johnston crawls out of his cave to talk with top prep coach Matt Jansen, covering a myriad of unique topics...

Beyond Driven Radio, Episode 02

09 Sep 2016

Antichrist or Savior?
An interview with the most hated man in bodybuilding, Bostin Lloyd

Beyond Driven Radio, Episode 01

02 Sep 2016

BEYOND DRIVEN RADIO Episode 1, David Johnston and David Smith interview IFBB Pro female bodybuilder Nicole Grey, and get into the specifics behind what has motivated her to walk this unique path.