Drugs n Stuff 84: Steroid QA.
Presented by https://www.truenutrition.com/  Code: ADVICES
With Dave Crosland and Scott McNally.

7:20 Clomid vs Nolvadex for PCT
16:20 What basic equipment is needed for a home gym - In what order would you buy each piece
25:25 Supplements for visceral fat
28:54 Would a week on cycle be long enough to change your lab work?
31:03 Would you train a female differently than a male?
37:53 Finding a way to do therapeutic phlebotomy
47:20 The differences between injectable, oral and sublingual winstrol
52:40 Improving sleep on cycle
59:30 When to add calories on a bulk
1:03:05 Cycling for strongman

Reach out to Dave: Croslands.org.uk
Reach out to Scott: mcnallydiets@gmail.com

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