Blood Sweat & Gear Bodybuilding Podcast

Blood Sweat & Gear is a Q&A based program hosted by Ken “Skip” Hill, S2H, and Scott McNally. BSG answers questions submitted at the Advices Radio Network forum, and covers nutrition, training, gear, and overall performance enhancement.

S2H is a long time performance enhancement educator and brings a wealth of information from both research and the real world application of PEDs. Skip is a well-known nutritional coach within the bodybuilding world, and has dieted countless men and women for physique sports and everyday life. Scott McNally is the host of this show and helps lead the way as S2H and Skip share their lifetime of experience in the world of extreme bodybuilding.

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 39

13 Jul 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 39: Dylan Armbrust joins Skip Hill and Scott McNally to talk all things bodybuilding. Dylan shares his passion for the sport of bodybuilding, his wisdom in coaching top pros and the story of how he came to create one of the most recognized gyms in the world, Armbrust Pro Gym... 

Blood Sweat & Gear, Special edition

06 Jul 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear: Special Edition. Skip Hill & Scott McNally discuss Skip’s decision to pull out of his up coming contest. Skip talks about his reasons for this sudden decision.

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 38

28 Jun 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 38: Skip Hill, S2H & Scott McNally hit the airwaves again! First hear about Skip’s most recent health scare and learn about his NEW cat. Then the Drawers of S2H contests continues, so submit your art work!...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 37

14 Jun 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 37: Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally. This week, The guys catch up, then the new Advices Radio Network contest is announced! Shout outs and after the break, listener questions...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 36

31 May 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 36. Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally. This week, Skipload contest, winners picked! Then lots of GH related questions. What is the best way to correct low GH and IGF levels. Lisinopril and other options for high blood pressure. GH EOD for mass gains. And so much more, this week on Blood Sweat & Gear!!

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 35

17 May 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 35: Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally. Skip tells us a story of amazing luck…and loss. New Advices Radio contest announcement. Shout Outs. Then Listener questions from the message board. Metformin with DNP revisited...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 34

03 May 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 34 with Special Guest Host Nikki Johnston. Nikki joins Skip Hill and Scott McNally to discuss listener questions from the Advices Forum...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 33

19 Apr 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 33. S2H, Skip Hill and Scott McNally are back to answer questions from the Advices Forums. Plus discussion on mood issues and compulsion in bodybuilding. Shout outs and T Shirt give away drawing. Brought to you by and

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 32

05 Apr 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 32. Take part in the next episode by visiting the Advices Forum and submitting questions. This week, Female cycle for a powerlifter outside of Anavar...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 31

22 Mar 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 31: Skip Hill, S2H, Bob and Scott McNally are back for another round of Q/A. Skip tells us about his “Mystery Prep”. Some question highlights: Can a late starter still build a physique to compete with?...