Drugs n Stuff 86: ANAVAR
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Dave Crosland n Scott McNally

4:40 Steroids in the News : Police Report on a Bad Batch
9:55 Anavar : Steroid Profile of the week
30:00 Kidney Damage Causes
39:00 Dosing Orals all at once or spread over the day
43:45 PGF2A - Topical for fat loss?
48:00 Triptorelin for regaining natural test production
52:00 Grapefruit juice raising blood levels of gear
55:00 When to add Caber with Deca
62:00 High Dose Injectable L Carnitine
1:04:15 Oninions on MENT for a cycle and stand alone TRT
1:07:00 Proviron in PCT?

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