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Drugs n Stuff with Dave Crosland. A pull no punches, honest look inside the mind of a man who has pushed his physical size well beyond the limits of what most people would ever fathom possible. Join Dave and Scott McNally for a unique education on every aspect of building the human body. You will learn what works, and just as importantly what does not work from the biggest guy in podcasting.

Drugs n Stuff, 76: halotestin

28 Dec 2020

Drugs n Stuff 76: Halotestin.
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This week, Steroids in the News: Busts!
Steroid Profile of the Week: Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone)...

Drugs n Stuff, 75: strength steroids

14 Dec 2020

Drugs n Stuff 75 : Strength Steroids + QA. Dave Crosland and Scott McNally...

Drugs n Stuff, 74: masteron

08 Dec 2020


Drugs n Stuff, 73: dianabol

26 Oct 2020

Drugs n Stuff 73: Dianabol. Drugs in the news, former Gladiator busted with steroids...

Drugs n Stuff, 72: ment

19 Oct 2020

Drugs n Stuff 72: MENT. With Dave Crosland and Scott McNally.
Steroid Profile of the week: Trestolone aka MENT...

Drugs n Stuff, 71: anadrol

05 Oct 2020

Drugs n Stuff 71: Anadrol. Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott McNally....

Drugs n Stuff, 70: trenbolone

29 Sep 2020

Drugs n Stuff 70: Trenbolone. Steroids in the News: Amazon is selling peptides. Steroid Profile: Trenbolone.  Listener Questions: Primo for Strength...

Drugs n Stuff, 69: steroid esters

21 Sep 2020

Drugs n Stuff 69: Steroid Esters. This week, Myostatin mice experiments. Then Weekly Topic - Steroid Esters. Plus tons of listener questions...

Drugs n Stuff, 68: oral steroids pros/cons

14 Sep 2020

Drugs n Stuff 68. All things oral steroids - pros, cons, when to use them. Whats the most under and over rated? Plus listener QA...

Drugs n Stuff, 67: steroid profile, news and qa

07 Sep 2020

Drugs n Stuff 67: Steroid Profile, News and QA. Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott McNally. Mom and partner get caught smuggling steroids into son in prison. Steroid Profile - DHB 1-Test Cyp. Discussed. Listener Questions...