Advices Stories

Advices : Stories is a radio documentary series hosted by creator Scott McNally. Each program takes a thoughtful and sometimes introspective look at topics related to the sport of bodybuilding. These programs feature interviews stitched together by Scott’s narrative. Advices : Stories are movies for your ears.

Advices Stories, Eating disorder

27 Jun 2017

Advices Radio: Stories Edition - Eating Disorders. If you're involved in bodybuilding, chances are you've experienced a post-show binge, or have had to fight the desire to remain stage lean, or maybe you shy away from social events centered on food

Advices Stories, The addictive mind

30 May 2017

Advices Radio : Stories Edition - The Addictive Mind. Scott McNally explores the disease of addiction, filtered through a bodybuilding perspective with narratives and interviews. Featuring fellow recovering addict, Ashley Shuster and a discussion with Matt Weik about exercise dependence.

Advices Stories, Locked up and lifting

19 Oct 2016

Advices Radio Documentary - Locked up and Lifting. Presented by Naps Gear. Host Scott McNally explores the obstacles of lifting weights and growing muscle while being locked up in prison, talking to several former inmates. Special feature interview with John Romano.

Advices Stories, Death of the hardcore gym

31 Aug 2016

Advices Stories, Death of the Hardcore Gym. Scott explores changes in gym culture and the shift to mediocrity in bodybuilding. Then QA with RN Chuck Zurawski from the Advices Radio question box. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and like our Facebook page

Advices Stories, Steroids

16 Aug 2016

Advices Stories - Steroids, presented by Naps Gear. This week, host Scott brings to you an audio documentary about anabolic steroids. This is a must listen. Then Scott talks with Bill Tocco of War Room Nutrition, answering questions form the Advices Radio question box.