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Clinical Muscle is hosted by Dr. Stephen Ogden, DO, and Dr. Vijay Puri, DC. Clinical Muscle is a show focused on medical health, and offers a great platform to ask questions about lab work or specific medical concerns. Make your health a priority and learn how to live a better, longer life. Questions can be submitted at the Advices Radio forum.

Clinical Muscle, Episode 38

15 Oct 2018

Clinical Muscle 34: The Doctors are IN! This time on CM; post-cycle gyno? Lower back injuries? AI’s versus SERMs?...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 37

11 Sep 2018

Clinical Muscle 37: The 1.5 Doctors are IN! This week; the docs talk about their favorite old school supplements! Gear and liver values? Testosterone gels for ladies? Thrombophlebitis in varicose veins and training?? Why you get heat sweats from cheat meals while on prep?? All this and much much more! ...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 36

20 Aug 2018

Clinical Muscle 36: The 1.5 Doctors are IN! Bear down and cough, the doctors are back to answer your Clinical questions! This week; ACE inhibitors vs. ARB’s! Cycling gear and anemia?...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 35

11 Jul 2018

Clinical Muscle 35: The 1.5 Doctors are IN! This week on Clinical Muscle; Cialis for ED and Training? Skin tag removal? Creatine recommended or not? HGH supplement protocol??? Dangers of high MCV/MCH?? All this and much much more! So stuff your face with a Cinnabon and check your postprandial blood sugars after 30mins or so, and then sit tight, because the doctors will see you now…

Clinical Muscle, Episode 34

06 Jun 2018

Clinical Muscle 34: The Doctors are IN! Heart Arrhythmia and training! Acne scarring and HGH? Training cycles for teenagers? Clinical Case studies and updates from loyal listeners! 4 strokes??? And much much more! So throw away your PDE5 inhibitors and get ready for a new revolution for erectile dysfunction, because the doctors will see you now…

Clinical Muscle, Episode 33

16 May 2018

Clinical Muscle 33 : The 1.3 Doctors are IN! This week: Ephedrine vs. OTC sups?? HGH for a young person?? Why almonds for a dietary fat source? What to do about high hematocrit?? All this and much much more!...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 32

16 Apr 2018

The Doctors are in!! And it’s a Bodybuilding Nerds special! Joined by our Cap’N Scott McNally this week! We hammer out YOUR clinical muscle questions from the forums over at

Clinical Muscle, Episode 31

26 Mar 2018

Clinical Muscle 31: The Doctors are IN!! This week; TSH and HGH? How HGH may NOT be for you! HDL and LDL while "Blasting and Cruising”? Maintenance Chiropractic care? The 1.3 Doctors dissect an odd case study!? All this and much much more! So spread your urethra and lube up the catheter, because the Doctors will see you now...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 30

12 Mar 2018

Clinical Muscle 30. Dr Stephen Ogden and Dr Vijay answer medical questions as they relate to bodybuilding from the Advices Radio Forum. Visit to take part in the next episode! Only at Advices Radio!

Clinical Muscle, Episode 29

20 Feb 2018

Clinical Muscle 29: Case study of Natty Female Bodybuilder! Plus TRT and Hemoglobin?? Testosterone supplementation for women? SARMs and Gyno??? All this and much, much more! Prep the cathetor and I hope you’ve been practicing your Kegel, because the Doctors will see you now…