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Clinical Muscle is hosted by Dr. Stephen Ogden, DO, and Dr. Vijay Puri, DC. Clinical Muscle is a show focused on medical health, and offers a great platform to ask questions about lab work or specific medical concerns. Make your health a priority and learn how to live a better, longer life. Questions can be submitted at the Advices Radio forum.

Clinical Muscle, Episode 33

16 May 2018

Clinical Muscle 33 : The 1.3 Doctors are IN! This week: Ephedrine vs. OTC sups?? HGH for a young person?? Why almonds for a dietary fat source? What to do about high hematocrit?? All this and much much more!...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 32

16 Apr 2018

The Doctors are in!! And it’s a Bodybuilding Nerds special! Joined by our Cap’N Scott McNally this week! We hammer out YOUR clinical muscle questions from the forums over at

Clinical Muscle, Episode 31

26 Mar 2018

Clinical Muscle 31: The Doctors are IN!! This week; TSH and HGH? How HGH may NOT be for you! HDL and LDL while "Blasting and Cruising”? Maintenance Chiropractic care? The 1.3 Doctors dissect an odd case study!? All this and much much more! So spread your urethra and lube up the catheter, because the Doctors will see you now...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 30

12 Mar 2018

Clinical Muscle 30. Dr Stephen Ogden and Dr Vijay answer medical questions as they relate to bodybuilding from the Advices Radio Forum. Visit to take part in the next episode! Only at Advices Radio!

Clinical Muscle, Episode 29

20 Feb 2018

Clinical Muscle 29: Case study of Natty Female Bodybuilder! Plus TRT and Hemoglobin?? Testosterone supplementation for women? SARMs and Gyno??? All this and much, much more! Prep the cathetor and I hope you’ve been practicing your Kegel, because the Doctors will see you now…

Clinical Muscle, Episode 28

31 Jan 2018

Clinical Muscle 28 : The 1.5 Doctors are IN!! This week on Clinical Muscle: Iodine and Thyroid?? Blood Pressure over the counter supplements?? Estrogen and sex drive?? Painkillers and muscle growth?? All this and much much more! Listen for the C-grade clinical answers you want to hear and forget about, but stay for Dr. Ogden’s gleeful demeanor with his Eagles flyin’ to the Super Bowl! Swab that injection site and remember to aspirate, because the Doctors will see you now…

Clinical Muscle, Episode 27

16 Jan 2018

Clinical Muscle 27 - The 1.5 Doctors are IN! This week on Clinical Muscle; Primo! What's the deal?? Blood work reviews! Hemorrhoids, the bane of weightlifters?...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 26

27 Dec 2017

Clinical Muscle Bodybuilding Podcast 26. The 1.5 Doctors are are IN!! This week Dr Vijay Puri and Dr Stephen Ogden respond to listener questions. Cramping after training that specific body part??...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 25

07 Dec 2017

Clinical Muscle 25 - The 1.5 Doctors are IN! What’s wrong with my Blood Sugar!?? What’s with GDA’s and Blood Sugar!?? Should I check my Blood Sugar!??! BLOOD SUGAR!!! And excessive phlegm production!?? How does ANY of this relate to Muscle Building/Fat Loss!??? Tune in to receive your weekly dose, because the Doctors will see you now.

Clinical Muscle, Episode 24

15 Nov 2017

Clinical Muscle Episode 24 with Dr Stephen Ogden and Dr Vijay Puri. The Dr’s are in! Hernias, and what to do??? Blood sugar problems!?? Lifting with injuries?? The perfect PCT??? All this, and much much more! Pucker your sphincter and kegel three times, because the 1.62 Doctors will see you now…