Strength Depositions

Hosted by Scott McNally

Strength Depositions, Episode 02

13 Jun 2017

Strength Depositions Episode 2: Women in lifting. Today on Strength Depositions we talk to two remarkable women. Jen Prientz who is a competitive athlete in strongwomen and Aissa Galang who is competitive in powerlifting. Jenn and Aissa talk about how and why they started lifting. Why they do what they do and how it progressed from working out in a gym for the first time to a high ranked competitive athlete in each of their sports respectively...

Strength Depositions, Episode 01

01 Jun 2017

Strength Depositions Episode 01 - Host Chuck Zurawski talks with gym owner Shane Rickman and several members of the Strength Depot gym. They discuss all things strength from Powerlifting to Strongman and much more.