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Hosted by Scott McNally

Advices Radio is the flagship podcast of the Advices Radio Network, This show is here to give you the RIGHT advice in bodybuilding. Hosted by bodybuilding coach and bodybuilding media specialist, Scott McNally, Advices Radio is a QA based program. Each week, Scott will answer your questions. We will discuss all things related to bodybuilding and beyond. Nutrition, training, supplementation, and chemistry. Even relationships and career planning. Submit your questions in the question box and your topic may be discussed on the next episode.

Advices Radio, 146: ben pollack

12 Mar 2021

Advices Radio 146: Ben Pollack.
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Ben Pollack aka @phdeadlift, talks about his journey from the world of powerlifting, into
the world of hypertrophy and bodybuilding. Hosted by Scott McNally.

Advices Radio, 145: embracing fear w/ chris duffin

23 Nov 2020

Advices Radio 145: Embracing Fear w/ Chris Duffin.
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Chris Duffin has done some incredible things. From his recent 1001 lb x 3 squat to developing some of the most creative bars and lifting equipment on the market with his company Kabuki Strength...

Advices Radio, 144: lean bulking

29 Oct 2020

Advices Radio 144: Lean Bulking with Gary Turner. Gary Turner bulked to over 300 lbs, only to diet back down to 225. He’s been on Advices Radio before sharing his ideas of putting on the most mass possible but now he’s learned that staying leaner in the off season may be a better choice...

Advices Radio, 143: mma vs bodybuilding

06 Oct 2020

Advices Radio 143 : MMA vs Bodybuilding. What is harder to prep for? With Pro MMA Fighter and Bodybuilder, Ryan Delf...

Advices Radio, 142: ifbb terrence ruffin

15 Sep 2020

Advices Radio 142 : IFBB Terrence Ruffin. Terrence joins Scott McNally to discus the great progress he has made in the past couple years as he begins his prep for the 2020 Olympia...

Advices Radio, 141: ifbb aaron clark

25 Aug 2020

Advices Radio 141: IFBB Aaron Clark. IFBB Pro Aaron Clark of the 212 Division talks with host Scott McNally about his great come back after his first call out finish at the Tampa Pro...

Advices Radio, 140: road to north americans - ty jordan

28 Jul 2020

Advices Radio 140: Road to North Americans - Ty Jordan Super Heavyweight. Hosted by Scott McNally.

Advices Radio, 139: road to north americans - nate spear

21 Jul 2020

Advices Radio 139: Road to North Americans - Nate Spear. Nate Spear, Super Heavy Weight along with his coach Andrew Berry. Hosted by Scott McNally...

Advices Radio, 138: road to north americans - nick walker

14 Jul 2020

Advices Radio 138: Road to North Americans - Nick Walker

Advices Radio, 137 road to north americans - evan revoir

07 Jul 2020

Advices Radio 137: Road to Nationals with Heavy Weight Evan Revoir. Hosted by Scott McNally...