Advices Radio

Hosted by Scott McNally

Advices Radio is the flagship podcast of the Advices Radio Network, This show is here to give you the RIGHT advice in bodybuilding. Hosted by bodybuilding coach and bodybuilding media specialist, Scott McNally, Advices Radio is a QA based program. Each week, Scott will answer your questions. We will discuss all things related to bodybuilding and beyond. Nutrition, training, supplementation, and chemistry. Even relationships and career planning. Submit your questions in the question box and your topic may be discussed on the next episode.

Advices Radio, Episode 108

03 Sep 2019

Advices Radio 108: IFBB Pro Brandon Curry joins the show just days away from the 2019 Olympia. All eyes are on Brandon as he closes in on the most important contest of the bodybuilding season and what could be the biggest show of his career...

Advices Radio, Episode 107

13 Aug 2019

Advices Radio 107 - Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol in Bodybuilding with Nate Spear. At 3 wks out from NPC North Americans, Nate sits down with Scott McNally to talk about recovery and living his best life free of drugs and alcohol.

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 106

02 Jul 2019

Advices Radio 105 :Training Partners with Natural Mr Olympia John Jansen. Hosted by Scott McNally. Presented by Code: ADVICES

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 105

26 Jun 2019

Advices Radio 105 : Health Supplements for Extreme Bodybuilders with Dr Dean St Mart and hosted by Scott McNally. Dr Dean is back to explain some advanced science behind supplements that can possibly make big differences in a bodybuilder’s health. Understand how supplements may help us take better control over neurotransmitters...

Advices Radio, Muscle minds, episode 64

20 Jun 2019
Muscle Minds 64 - Leg Training with B Pac, Golf Elbow and Intrinsic Motivation. With Dr. Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally Scott Stevenson talks about the leg workout he had with Ben Pakulski and about the discussion they had for Ben’s podcast...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 104

21 May 2019
Advice Radio 104: Fiscal Fitness with Mike Clay of Best Bar Ever. Today we hear the inspirational story of how and why an over weight kid decided to make healthier decisions that led to creating what is arguably the BEST protein bar on the map today. We hear about the company that grew up around it and the mainstream success it has achieved...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 103

07 May 2019
Advices Radio 103 : IFBB Pro Josh Wade. As Josh prepares for the New York Pro, he and Scott talk about the improvements he’s working on this year and what he’s doing to bring them out...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 102

16 Apr 2019
Advices Radio 102 : Learning to Embrace Change with Kait Dinunzio. Bodybuilders thrive in consistency. Our ability to do the exact same thing every day is a gift for our fitness goals and it can be a curse when it comes to embracing change...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 101

09 Apr 2019
Advices Radio 101: Dr Ken Kinakin. Ken is a Chiropractor, an educator, a powerlifter and a life long bodybuilder. As evident in SWIS (Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists), he also has a special talent for bringing brilliant people together and facilitating dialog and education.SWIS, a symposium on all things strength and physique related...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 100

01 Apr 2019
Advices Radio 100: Bodybuilding Nerds/Advices Radio Live Event at the 2019 Arnold Classic. Join Vijay Puri and Scott McNally as they introduce and commentate on this live podcast event recorded Saturday morning at the Arnold in front of a live studio audience...