Advices Radio

Hosted by Scott McNally

Advices Radio is the flagship podcast of the Advices Radio Network, This show is here to give you the RIGHT advice in bodybuilding. Hosted by bodybuilding coach and bodybuilding media specialist, Scott McNally, Advices Radio is a QA based program. Each week, Scott will answer your questions. We will discuss all things related to bodybuilding and beyond. Nutrition, training, supplementation, and chemistry. Even relationships and career planning. Submit your questions in the question box and your topic may be discussed on the next episode.

Advices Radio, Episode 64

15 May 2018

Advices Radio 64: Adam Mcvey. Host of the Gear’d Up Podcast, Adam talks with Scott about the evolution of his radio show, what he’s learned as a result of talking to some of the most important people in bodybuilding and where he is going today.

Advices Radio, Episode 63

08 May 2018

Advices Radio 63: Double Feature! James Potter and Adam Lamb. James talks about his comeback after having taking 9 years off of competition. Then Adam talks about hormone replacement therapy and his company Renew Life RX.

Advices Radio, Episode 62

01 May 2018

Advices Radio 62: Carl Lanore, host of Super Human Radio. Carl has been exploring the world of physical culture through podcasting for over 13 years and today he shares with us the most valuable lessons he’s learned.

Advices Radio, Episode 61

24 Apr 2018

Advices Radio 61: The British Invasion Pt 2 w/ IFBB Luke Sandoe. An exposé of UK bodybuilding would not be complete without talking to someone that has made it to IFBB status. In this episode, we talk with Luke about the outstanding season he is having and about what makes British bodybuilding so great...

Advices Radio, Episode 60

18 Apr 2018

Advices Radio 60: The British Invasion Part 1. The UK is a force to be reckoned with in the sport of bodybuilding and that energy is only growing. In this 2 part episode, Scott McNally explores the British bodybuilding landscape...

Advices Radio, Episode 59

10 Apr 2018

Advices Radio 59: HUGE AF with Dave Crosland. In volume 2 of HUGE AF, Dave joins Scott McNally to talk about what it takes to build a freaky amount of muscle. Plus Dave stresses the negative sides to being very big.

Advices Radio, Episode 58

03 Apr 2018

Advices Radio 58: The Menstrual Cycle with Victoria Felkar. Victoria and Scott explore the shifting kaleidoscope of hormones that are part of the Menstrual Cycle. The goal of this program is to help us all better understand what is actually happening, which is a difficult task since every female body is unique.

Advices Radio, Episode 57

20 Mar 2018

Advices Radio 57: HUGE AF with Dave Kalick. Dave joins host Scott McNally to discuss the strategies it takes to make your best possible muscle gains in this first installment of the continuing HUGE AF SubSeries.

Advices Radio, Episode 56

13 Mar 2018

Advices Radio 56. Prady from Azoth talks with Scott about setting and reaching goals with his business. This conversation applies to not only business but all areas of life. Then Scott talks with Austin “The Machine” Levine, MMA Fighter and Boxer about fighting sports.

Advices Radio, Episode 55

21 Feb 2018

Advices Radio 55: Wade Lightheart. Author, speaker, and 3 time natural bodybuilding champion, this conversation is just a small window into the life of a man that had pushed bodybuilding to it’s physical extremes only to discover a deeper passion for the sport in it’s truest sense...