Advices Radio

Hosted by Scott McNally

Advices Radio is the flagship podcast of the Advices Radio Network, This show is here to give you the RIGHT advice in bodybuilding. Hosted by bodybuilding coach and bodybuilding media specialist, Scott McNally, Advices Radio is a QA based program. Each week, Scott will answer your questions. We will discuss all things related to bodybuilding and beyond. Nutrition, training, supplementation, and chemistry. Even relationships and career planning. Submit your questions in the question box and your topic may be discussed on the next episode.

Advices Radio, Episode 53

04 Dec 2017

Advices Radio: Episode 53. James Boudreau, NPC Competitor with Cystic Fibrosis. James joins host Scott McNally to discuss the obstacles he has overcome in bodybuilding and life while battling Cystic Fibrosis

Advices Radio, Episode 52

23 Nov 2017

Advices Radio Episode 52: Dave Kalick Bodybuilding Coach. With Host Scott McNally. Dave Kalick makes his second appearance on Advices Radio to talk about the work he is doing with some of his clients...

Advices Radio, Episode 51

21 Nov 2017

Advices Radio Bodybuilding Podcast: Episode 51 Jeff Sygo. Hosted by Scott McNally. Jeff is a well known and highly experienced bodybuilding photographer who has shot top Olympians...

Advices Radio, Episode 50

14 Nov 2017

Advices Radio Bodybuilding Podcast : Episode 50 John Hansen. Mr Natural Olympia John Hansen visits with special guest host Vijay Puri and Scott McNally, sharing colorful stories from the history of bodybuilding and talking about his new book “Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends”, available at Amazon...

Advices Radio, Episode 49

17 Oct 2017

Advices Radio Bodybuilding Podcast Episode 49. An Experiment in Low Carbs with Bill Tocco and Scott McNally. Special visit from Tommy Stiles. With a year of planing, countless hours of grueling work in the gym, a blur of precisely measured meals, and after lots of time, energy and finances invested…

Advices Radio, Episode 48

19 Sep 2017

Advices Radio Bodybuilding Podcast Episode 48. With Guests IFBB Allen Cress and IFBB
David Reid. Host Scott McNally speaks with these 2 new IFBB pros, asking them only one question. Given the amount of time and experience you have put into the sport, if you could go back in time to any point in your bodybuilding, what would you do differently?...

Advices Radio, Episode 47

15 Aug 2017

Advices Radio Bodybuilding Podcast 47. Double feature. Rafid Jamal and Adam Lamb. First, host Scott McNally talks with Canadian bodybuilder Rafid Jamal about the methods he has used to turn weak legs into a major strength. Then Scott speaks with Adam Lamb, owner of Size Slim... 

Advices Radio, Episode 46

01 Aug 2017

Advices Radio 46. James Hollingshead. UK Bodybuilder, Co Host of the Size Game Podcast and part of Kings Gym London, James shares his passion for the sport. He and Scott McNally talk about perspectives that have helped James excel in bodybuilding and in life in general. There are many positive messages in this discussion that can help in your bodybuilding and beyond.

Advices Radio, Episode 45

25 Jul 2017

Advices Radio 45. Jan Tana. This passionate business owner and contest promoter has built an empire out of her passion for helping others to feel and look their best. She has touched countless men and women with her tanning company Jan Tana International...

Advices Radio, Episode 44

18 Jul 2017

Advices Radio Bodybuilding Podcast, Episode 44. IFBB Pro Santi Aragon. Santi’s love for the sport of bodybuilding instantly shines thought in this podcast. He openly shares some ideas that can help all of us become better bodybuilders. He shares his perspectives on training for optimal muscle...