Advices Radio

Hosted by Scott McNally

Advices Radio is the flagship podcast of the Advices Radio Network, This show is here to give you the RIGHT advice in bodybuilding. Hosted by bodybuilding coach and bodybuilding media specialist, Scott McNally, Advices Radio is a QA based program. Each week, Scott will answer your questions. We will discuss all things related to bodybuilding and beyond. Nutrition, training, supplementation, and chemistry. Even relationships and career planning. Submit your questions in the question box and your topic may be discussed on the next episode.

Advices Radio, 130: a modern guide to bulking

18 May 2020

Advices Radio 130: Modern Bulking with IFBB Russ Allen and Andrew Berry.
Russ and Andrew share their thoughts on gaining muscle. Everything from food choices to diet styles to digestion to supplements.

Advices Radio, 129: bodybuilding roots with gym owner mike toler

09 May 2020

Advices Radio 129: Bodybuilding Roots with gym owner Mike Toler
Presented by Code: ADVICES

Advices Radio, 128: blood flow restriction

05 May 2020

Advices Radio 128: Blood Flow Restriction Training with Dr Mario Novo
Presented by Code: ADVICES

Dr Mario Novo joins host Scott McNally to discuss Blood Flow Restriction. Everything from the history, to what it is used for, how it works and practical applications....

Advices Radio, 127: alessandro savi

24 Apr 2020

Advices Radio 127: Alessandro Savi.
Presented by Code ADVICES
Having competed in nearly 90 contests, todays guest Allesandro Savi, is pound for pound, one of the biggest guests we have had on Advices Radio. With over 2 decades of experience, he shares what has worked to allow him to push his physique so far.
Hosted by Scott McNally

Advices Radio, 126: current events

31 Mar 2020

Advices Radio 126: Current events with John Meadows, Victoria Felkar, Scott Stevenson, Skip Hill and Scott McNally. This is not really a podcast. Just some friends getting together to share their thoughts on current events

Advices Radio, 125: ifbb santi aragon

30 Mar 2020

Advices Radio 125 : IFBB Pro Santi Aragon. Presented by Code: ADVICES.
After a successful first call out at the Arnold Classic, Santi joins Scott McNally to reflect on his experience there, talk about his game plan for this very...

Advices Radio, 124: stem cell therapy

27 Mar 2020

Advices Radio 124: Stem Cells. Have you wondered about stem cell therapy? What does treatment look like? What are the differences in stem cells and related products? How much does treatment cost? Learn these things and more with guest Adam Lamb of Regenerative Revival and host Scott McNally...

Advices Radio, Episode 123

02 Mar 2020

Advices Radio 123: Steroid Law with Attorney Rick Collins. Rick explains the legal history of steroids in the USA. Then talks about the legal status of “Research Chems”, Peptides and SARMs. He also shares a great story of defending a female bodybuilding being changed with selling steroids. With Host Scott McNally...

Advices Radio, Episode 122

28 Feb 2020

Advices Radio 122: Grow Muscle Naturally with Natural Mr Olympia John Hansen. John talks about the training nutritional style that he found has worked the best to develop and maintain his physique.

And check out John’s seminar, March 21-22 in Tampa Fl. Visit for details...

Advices Radio, Episode 121

17 Feb 2020

Advices Radio 121: Scott Mendelson talks training and eating to grow muscle. Founder of Infinity Fitness, coach to professional athletes and special assistant to Dr Eric Serrano, Scott has had 2 decades of working in the fitness industry. He has some interesting spins to ideas we are familiar with here on Advices Radio...