PED : After Hours

Hosted by Taylor Normandeau

PED : After Hours is an interview podcast in the Advices Radio Network, hosted by Taylor Normandeau. Taylor is a well know bodybuilding media specialist who will be selecting interesting figures from the bodybuilding industry to come on the show and talk about their lives and what it takes to reach their goals in bodybuilding. This program will bring to you, the top minds in the sport and give a behind the scenes look into their lives. You will get a rare glimpse into what it takes to be the best in our sport, uncovering their opinions on nutrition, training, supplementation and of course, performance enhancement.

PED : After Hours, Episode 02

01 Aug 2016

Taylor talks with top bodybuilding nutritionist, Dave Kalick. Topics include structuring your off season diet, long vs short esters, insulin in off season vs pre-contest, GH dosing, Fat burner cycling and much more!

PED : After Hours, Episode 1

22 Jul 2016

Taylor talks with Justin Harris 5 weeks out from Masters
Nationals. Justin discusses what has gone into his program, as he balances prep with the rest of his life. Topics include cardio, PEDS, training and more.