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Strength Depositions, Episode 23

22 May 2018

Strength Depositions 23 - Iron Bean Coffee. I traveled down to Toledo Ohio and spoke with the owners of Iron Bean Coffee, Fred and Chanell along with Jayson Fay. This company is home grown by a veteran and fellow meathead and his wife, who believe in hard work, living their dream and making the best coffee and bringing people together and doing the right thing. We really enjoyed this visit and hope you enjoy listening to their passion...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 35

17 May 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 35: Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally. Skip tells us a story of amazing luck…and loss. New Advices Radio contest announcement. Shout Outs. Then Listener questions from the message board. Metformin with DNP revisited...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 33

16 May 2018

Clinical Muscle 33 : The 1.3 Doctors are IN! This week: Ephedrine vs. OTC sups?? HGH for a young person?? Why almonds for a dietary fat source? What to do about high hematocrit?? All this and much much more!...

Advices Radio, Episode 64

15 May 2018

Advices Radio 64: Adam Mcvey. Host of the Gear’d Up Podcast, Adam talks with Scott about the evolution of his radio show, what he’s learned as a result of talking to some of the most important people in bodybuilding and where he is going today.

Muscle Minds, Episode 34

10 May 2018

Muscle Minds 34: Dr Scott Stevenson & Scott McNally talk about Dr Scott’s up coming trip to Body Power in the UK. Scott McNally changes his back training plan. Plus listener question discussion : DHT blockers and their side effects. Exercises and stretches for posterior pelvic tilt.

Advices Radio, Episode 63

08 May 2018

Advices Radio 63: Double Feature! James Potter and Adam Lamb. James talks about his comeback after having taking 9 years off of competition. Then Adam talks about hormone replacement therapy and his company Renew Life RX.

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 34

03 May 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 34 with Special Guest Host Nikki Johnston. Nikki joins Skip Hill and Scott McNally to discuss listener questions from the Advices Forum...

Advices Radio, Episode 62

01 May 2018

Advices Radio 62: Carl Lanore, host of Super Human Radio. Carl has been exploring the world of physical culture through podcasting for over 13 years and today he shares with us the most valuable lessons he’s learned.

Muscle Minds, Episode 33

26 Apr 2018

Muscle Minds 33. Paul Scarborough joins Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally to share his 30 years of experience with the sport of bodybuilding. Discussion topics include Dr Scott’s client Dave Henry winning the 212 Ireland Pro...

Advices Radio, Episode 61

24 Apr 2018

Advices Radio 61: The British Invasion Pt 2 w/ IFBB Luke Sandoe. An exposé of UK bodybuilding would not be complete without talking to someone that has made it to IFBB status. In this episode, we talk with Luke about the outstanding season he is having and about what makes British bodybuilding so great...