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Muscle Minds, Episode 39

19 Jul 2018

Muscle Minds 39: Lats of the Professional Muscle message board joins Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Lats talks about the checks and balances that help keep PM sponsors accountable for their products. He shares a GREAT story about Bertil Fox and a Russian bodybuilder with a unique approach to his supplementation...

Advices Radio, Episode 70

17 Jul 2018

Advices Radio 70: IFBB Pro Adam Young & Coach Dave Kalick. Adam and Dave come on to talk with Scott about all things bodybuilding. Topics include the logistics of making weight for the IFBB 212 stage, leg training, training intensity, off season goals and strategies and so much more...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 39

13 Jul 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 39: Dylan Armbrust joins Skip Hill and Scott McNally to talk all things bodybuilding. Dylan shares his passion for the sport of bodybuilding, his wisdom in coaching top pros and the story of how he came to create one of the most recognized gyms in the world, Armbrust Pro Gym... 

Clinical Muscle, Episode 35

11 Jul 2018

Clinical Muscle 35: The 1.5 Doctors are IN! This week on Clinical Muscle; Cialis for ED and Training? Skin tag removal? Creatine recommended or not? HGH supplement protocol??? Dangers of high MCV/MCH?? All this and much much more! So stuff your face with a Cinnabon and check your postprandial blood sugars after 30mins or so, and then sit tight, because the doctors will see you now…

Advices Radio, Episode 69

10 Jul 2018

Advices Radio 68: Victoria Felkar discusses social aspects of muscle with host Scott McNally. Going deeper, they explore female muscle which is even more complex than men with muscle. Victoria approaches this topic from social, historical and her own personal perspective .

Blood Sweat & Gear, Special edition

06 Jul 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear: Special Edition. Skip Hill & Scott McNally discuss Skip’s decision to pull out of his up coming contest. Skip talks about his reasons for this sudden decision.

Muscle Minds, Episode 38

05 Jul 2018

Muscle Minds 38: Chris Barakat joins Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally for an extra sciencey episode. First the guys learn about Chris’ life teaching nutrition, working in an exercise science lab and coaching athletes...

Advices Radio, Episode 68

03 Jul 2018

Advices Radio 68: Eric Marchewitz. Eric is the patent holder for several of the most popular prohormones legally available on the market today. As a formulator with a keen eye for business, Eric shares with us ideas that could expand and change the world of supplements as we know them

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 38

28 Jun 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 38: Skip Hill, S2H & Scott McNally hit the airwaves again! First hear about Skip’s most recent health scare and learn about his NEW cat. Then the Drawers of S2H contests continues, so submit your art work!...

Advices Radio, Episode 67

26 Jun 2018

Advices Radio 67: IFBB Brett Wilkin. Brett joins host Scott McNally after winning his pro card at NPC Jr Nationals. They discuss Brett’s prep, how he trains, goals for the IFBB as well as what it’s like being in a relationship when both parties are competitors....