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Advices Radio, Episode 49

17 Oct 2017

Advices Radio Bodybuilding Podcast Episode 49. An Experiment in Low Carbs with Bill Tocco and Scott McNally. Special visit from Tommy Stiles. With a year of planing, countless hours of grueling work in the gym, a blur of precisely measured meals, and after lots of time, energy and finances invested…

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 21

12 Oct 2017

Blood Sweat & Gear Bodybuilding Podcast 21 - Skip Hill, S2H, Scott McNally. This week on BSG, the guys discuss common factors that do contribute to stomach distention. If you’re younger, pay attention and avoid this from happening to you!...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 22

11 Oct 2017

The Doctors are IN! This week on Clinical Muscle, Dr. Stephen Ogden and Dr. Vijay Puri tackle questions from the Advices Radio Forum! Baby Aspirin for preventative heart care? Is the “Anabolic Window” a real thing?? Compounding Pharmacies vs. Big Pharma?? Training Post-Surgery?? All this and much much more! Crank up the MRI machine and start throwing scalpels at it to see how many stick, and let us play too, because the Doctors are in!

Beyond Driven Radio, Episode 03

10 Oct 2017

This week on Beyond Driven Radio, David Johnston crawls out of his cave to talk with top prep coach Matt Jansen, covering a myriad of unique topics...

Advices Video, Episode 03

06 Oct 2017

Advices Videocast 03. Skip and Scott DGAF?! This week, Skip crawls out of the darkness of a few set backs now behind him. Then topic discussion. Warm up shows. Are they really worth the time, energy and money? Find out what Skip and Scott think, plus more.

Muscle Minds, Episode 19

05 Oct 2017

Muscle Minds Bodybuilding Podcast 19. Victoria Felkar, cutting edge researcher in regard to is back to answer listener questions and discusses gender issues and how they have impacted female anabolic steroid use...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 20

28 Sep 2017

Blood Sweat & Gear Bodybuilding Podcast 20. S2H and Scott McNally take the mic for the next installment of BSG. Take part of the next episode by asking questions at the Advices Forums. This week, Scott McNally talks about the less than excellent results at his warm up show. The LOTS of listener questions.

Clinical Muscle, Episode 21

27 Sep 2017

The 1.69 Doctors are IN! This week on Clinical Muscle; Blood Pressure importance! Lady Listener Question! Are you a sugar addict?? Natty with Low T?? GH Testing?? All this and much much more! Tell the nursing staff that we are ready, the Doctors will see you now...

Muscle Minds, Episode 18

21 Sep 2017

Muscle Minds Bodybuilding Podcast 18 with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Dr Scott recounts living off the grid in the wake of the Florida hurricane and the guys talk about the 212 Olympia...

Advices Radio, Episode 48

19 Sep 2017

Advices Radio Bodybuilding Podcast Episode 48. With Guests IFBB Allen Cress and IFBB
David Reid. Host Scott McNally speaks with these 2 new IFBB pros, asking them only one question. Given the amount of time and experience you have put into the sport, if you could go back in time to any point in your bodybuilding, what would you do differently?...