The Come Up

The Come Up, Episode 18

01 Feb 2020

The Come Up 18 : The return of The ComeUp! The Delf’s are back with “Season 2” and are ready to rock. On this episode Hailey and Ryan let us know where they’ve been and why they’ve been on a hiatus from recording for a few months! They discuss Ryan’s MMA fight and Hailey’s IFBB Pro debut. Be sure to get caught up by listening to this episode and they will be back with more content soon!

The Come Up, Episode 17

19 Aug 2019

Alysha Mills joins us on episode 17 of The Come Up Podcast! Alysha is a Canadian figure competitor currently prepping for North Americans. She narrowly missed earning her pro card last season and hopes to join the pro ranks this year. Walmart, poutine, tinbits, igloos, and muscle! Tune in to hear more...

The Come Up, Episode 16

10 Aug 2019

On this installment of The Come Up Hailey and Ryan are joined by IFBB Pro, Brittany Larson. Brittany is a female bodybuilder who recently won her class at the USA Championships earning her pro card. Brittany has a handful of medical issues which should make being a successful bodybuilder nearly impossible...

The Come Up, Episode 15

31 Jul 2019

On episode 15 Hailey and Ryan are joined by Theresa Ivancik. Theresa is coming off a recent IFBB Wings of Strength win at the Lenda Murray Pro in Norfolk, VA. Theresa discusses rumors regarding the return of female bodybuilding to the Olympia, shares a schmoe story, plus a whole lot more!...

The Come Up, Episode 14

15 Jul 2019

Hailey and Ryan are back after a brief hiatus with Episode 14 of The Come Up! Hailey and Ryan discuss what’s new with them, how their competitors did at the NPC Mighty Muscle on the Mississippi in Dubuque, IA, and most importantly... How to approach a lady... in person!!!! Tune in to catch up and hear all the shenanigans on episode 14 of The Come Up!

The Come Up, The come up, episode 13

03 Jun 2019
We have a winner! Ryan places first and last in his class in Puerto Rico! Episode 13 wraps up the Puerto Rico Pro live from the Delf’s hotel room balcony overlooking the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. All Puerto Rico Pro winners are discussed and Ryan talks...

The Come Up, The come up, episode 09

27 Apr 2019
The Come Up 9: Hailey and Ryan recap Ryan’s nightmare of a weekend and terrible showing in St Louis, discussion regarding the IFBB women’s results from the St Louis Pro, answer listener questions, and even leak some hints to who may be featured guests on episodes in the near future...

The Come Up, The come up, episode 08

17 Apr 2019
On the 8th installment of The Come Up Hailey and Ryan are joined by IFBB Women’s Physique Pro, Alyssa Isley. Alyssa started bodybuilding as a 110 pound bikini girl and worked her way to an elite professional WPD physique in just three years!...

The Come Up, The come up, episode 07

08 Apr 2019
On episode 7, Hailey and Ryan give an update on their current competition prep situations as Hailey has to make a crucial decision, they discuss their trip to the Indy Pro, Ryan sees a ghost, listener questions are answered, and shoutouts!...

The Come Up, The come up, episode 06, nadia wyatt

19 Mar 2019
The Come Up Podcast 06 : Hailey and Ryan are joined by rising IFBB Figure Pro, Nadia Wyatt. Nadia joins is fresh off her 2nd place finish at the Arnold Classic and cruising in to the Olympia! Nadia discusses how she added mass in her offseason, prepping herself for the Arnold, answers listener questions, and more.