Muscle Minds Bodybuilding Radio

Muscle Minds showcases the incredible knowledge of Dr. Scott Stevenson and Jordan Peters, and is hosted by Scott McNally. This Q&A based program answers questions submitted at the Advices Radio Network forum. Muscle Minds often focuses on the deeper and more technical aspects of excelling in bodybuilding, while also covering the real world application of the methods Jordan and Scott have learned and pioneered.

Dr. Scott, PhD, Lac, is an applied exercise physiologist, licensed acupuncturist, and competitive bodybuilder who has placed top 5 at 3 national level shows. He also has over 2 decades of experience as a personal trainer and bodybuilding coach.

Jordan is massive and successful national level UK bodybuilder who is working toward his pro card. Jordan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science and has completed post grad work in Sports Nutrition. He is currently working on his Master’s in Physiology.

Muscle Minds, Episode 35

24 May 2018

Muscle Minds 35: Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Dr Scott is back from Body Power UK and has stories! Then warm up strategies discussed. Listener Questions/Topics of the week...

Muscle Minds, Episode 34

10 May 2018

Muscle Minds 34: Dr Scott Stevenson & Scott McNally talk about Dr Scott’s up coming trip to Body Power in the UK. Scott McNally changes his back training plan. Plus listener question discussion : DHT blockers and their side effects. Exercises and stretches for posterior pelvic tilt.

Muscle Minds, Episode 33

26 Apr 2018

Muscle Minds 33. Paul Scarborough joins Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally to share his 30 years of experience with the sport of bodybuilding. Discussion topics include Dr Scott’s client Dave Henry winning the 212 Ireland Pro...

Muscle Minds, Episode 32

12 Apr 2018

Muscle Minds 32: Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. This week, An explanation on androgen sensitivity, down regulation as well as more talk on androgen binding. MK-677...

Muscle Minds, Episode 31

29 Mar 2018

Muscle Minds 31: Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. This week, Dr Scott talks about half life variability with injectable estered drugs. Then the guys answer listener questions...

Muscle Minds, Episode 30

15 Mar 2018

Muscle Minds 30: David Smith joins Dr. Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. The guys talk about Dave’s recent injury and the power of keeping positive mental energy as well as how he balances bodybuilding and Jujitsu...

Muscle Minds, Episode 29

01 Mar 2018

Muscle Minds 29. Arnold Classic is upon us! Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally prepare for the trip and talk about Dr Scott and John Meadows seminar “Bodybuilding Fact and Fiction”. Then Zen and the Art of RV Maintenance followed by listener questions sparking an interesting lecture on inflammation and bodybuilding. Plus thoughts on joint recovery.

Muscle Minds, Episode 28

14 Feb 2018

Muscle Minds 28 - Justin Harris & Brad Hull. Along with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. The group answers listener questions

Muscle Minds, Episode 27

29 Jan 2018

Muscle Minds 27: Dave Pulcinella joins Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Dave has been immersed in bodybuilding for most of his life. He’s taken his physique to its outside limits...

Muscle Minds, Episode 26

18 Jan 2018

Muscle Minds Bodybuilding Podcast: 26. Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. A1 vs A1 Casein. The Widow Maker set in all its glory and wonder. The psychological side of bodybuilding vs the physical aspects. Plus, Dr Scott gives us updates on sleep apnea and the seminar at the Arnold.