Muscle Minds Bodybuilding Radio

Muscle Minds showcases the incredible knowledge of Dr. Scott Stevenson and Jordan Peters, and is hosted by Scott McNally. This Q&A based program answers questions submitted at the Advices Radio Network forum. Muscle Minds often focuses on the deeper and more technical aspects of excelling in bodybuilding, while also covering the real world application of the methods Jordan and Scott have learned and pioneered.

Dr. Scott, PhD, Lac, is an applied exercise physiologist, licensed acupuncturist, and competitive bodybuilder who has placed top 5 at 3 national level shows. He also has over 2 decades of experience as a personal trainer and bodybuilding coach.

Jordan is massive and successful national level UK bodybuilder who is working toward his pro card. Jordan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science and has completed post grad work in Sports Nutrition. He is currently working on his Master’s in Physiology.

Muscle Minds, Episode 43

13 Sep 2018

Muscle Minds 43 : Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally record this episode right before leaving for the 2018 Olympia. So much happened in this episode...

Muscle Minds, Episode 42

30 Aug 2018

Muscle Minds 42: Dr Scott Stevenson, Lats and Scott McNally. First Dr Scott talks about this new book, Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach. Then Lats joins them to cover questions from the Professional Forums.

Muscle Minds, Episode 41

16 Aug 2018

Muscle Minds 41: Dave Crosland joins Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. First the guys visit with Dave. They talk about his new physique goals and talk about what life was like walking around at 360 to 415 lbs...

Muscle Minds, Episode 40

02 Aug 2018

Muscle Minds 40: Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally discuss CBD and both guys share their experience. Then Topic discussion based off listener questions.

Muscle Minds, Episode 39

19 Jul 2018

Muscle Minds 39: Lats of the Professional Muscle message board joins Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Lats talks about the checks and balances that help keep PM sponsors accountable for their products. He shares a GREAT story about Bertil Fox and a Russian bodybuilder with a unique approach to his supplementation...

Muscle Minds, Episode 38

05 Jul 2018

Muscle Minds 38: Chris Barakat joins Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally for an extra sciencey episode. First the guys learn about Chris’ life teaching nutrition, working in an exercise science lab and coaching athletes...

Muscle Minds, Episode 37

21 Jun 2018

Muscle Minds 37: Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Scott McNally returns from Jr Nationals after coaching Joe Russo to his IFBB Pro card. The guys discuss what are the differences in competition from state level to national level to the IFBB...

Muscle Minds, Episode 36

07 Jun 2018

Muscle Minds 36. Dr Scott Stevenson, Scott McNally, cameo appearance by IFBB Terrence Ruffin. Discussion of load days, such as Skip Loading. How do guys make big extended food loads work?...

Muscle Minds, Episode 35

24 May 2018

Muscle Minds 35: Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Dr Scott is back from Body Power UK and has stories! Then warm up strategies discussed. Listener Questions/Topics of the week...

Muscle Minds, Episode 34

10 May 2018

Muscle Minds 34: Dr Scott Stevenson & Scott McNally talk about Dr Scott’s up coming trip to Body Power in the UK. Scott McNally changes his back training plan. Plus listener question discussion : DHT blockers and their side effects. Exercises and stretches for posterior pelvic tilt.