Muscle Minds Bodybuilding Radio

Muscle Minds showcases the incredible knowledge of Dr. Scott Stevenson and is hosted by Scott McNally. This Q&A based program answers questions submitted at the Advices Radio Network forum. Muscle Minds often focuses on the deeper and more technical aspects of excelling in bodybuilding, while also imparting a side of philosophy.

Dr. Scott, PhD, Lac, is an applied exercise physiologist, licensed acupuncturist, and competitive bodybuilder who has placed top 5 at 3 national level shows. He also has over 2 decades of experience as a personal trainer and bodybuilding coach. Check out his well known Fortitude Training E Book and his new masterpiece “Be your Own Bodybuilding Coach” at And also find a hard copy of BYOBB Coach at Amazon and Barnes and Noble internationally.

Muscle Minds, Episode 57

14 Mar 2019

Muscle Minds 57 with Dr Scott Stevenson. Scott McNally reluctantly admits to having done a high volume pump workout. Dr Scott raises some good questions. Is DOMS and muscle soreness an accurate marker of the quality of your workout?...

Muscle Minds, Episode 56

28 Feb 2019

Muscle Minds 56 with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Arnold week! This program drops the same day at Dr Scott and John Meadows seminar. So if you aren’t at the event, you can still hang out here and hear what Scott has for us today.

Muscle Minds, Episode 55

14 Feb 2019

Muscle Minds 55 with Dr Scott Stevenson. Dr Scott and Scott McNally talk about Arnold Classic plans, Dr Scott’s seminar with John Meadows and Dr Eric Serrano plus the Advices Radio/Bodybuilding Nerds Live Podcast Extravaganza....

Muscle Minds, Episode 53

31 Jan 2019

Muscle Minds 53 : Dr Scott Stevenson is back again for another round with Scott McNally. The guys tell us about the seminar Dr Scott and John Meadows are holding at the Arnold Classic and the Advices Podcast Event that will be taking place at the expo...

Muscle Minds, Episode 52

17 Jan 2019

Muscle Minds 52 with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. A training conversation starts out feeling average but wait for it because Dr Scott takes it deeper and deeper. By the break, your head will be spinning with...

Muscle Minds, Episode 51

03 Jan 2019

Muscle Minds 51: Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Dr Scott is planning an Arnold Classic Seminar with IFBB John Meadows. Scott McNally proposes enlightenment through kombucha...

Muscle Minds, Episode 50

20 Dec 2018

Muscle Minds Bodybuilding Podcast 50 with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. More talk about getting the most of your day…of your life. Then listener questions start at 26:30...

Muscle Minds, Episode 49

06 Dec 2018

Muscle Minds 49. Dr Scott Stevenson shines a light (and hope) in the face of a dark topic; Death. The guys banter right through the first 30 min and go out to break with some sweet new jams. Then Bodybuilding Topics...

Muscle Minds, Episode 48

22 Nov 2018

Muscle Minds 48: Thanksgiving Day with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. The guys help you battle the tryptophan induced coma with some bodybuilding talk to ramp you up for a pre-turkey leg day.

Muscle Minds, Episode 47

08 Nov 2018

Muscle Minds 47 with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Dr Scott returns from SWIS and Scott M returns from the NPC Western MI. Questions this week include...