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The Advices Radio Network (ARN) is on a mission to bring new and unique perspectives to bodybuilding podcasting. ARN explores all facets of the bodybuilding world through a wide variety of programs, from powerful editorial stories and insights from the top minds in the industry, to recommendations for health and longevity and bodybuilding media reviews.

If you’re hungry to hear about more than just sets and reps, and are ready to dig deeper into bodybuilding culture, put on your headphones, turn the volume up, and tune in to ARN - you're about to embark on a journey that will expand your mind and infinitely grow your love of bodybuilding.

It’s Just Bodybuilding, 80: zane watson

18 Feb 2021

It’s Just Bodybuilding 80: Zane Watson. Hosted by Big Ron Partlow and Dusty Hanshaw.
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Drugs n Stuff, 83: dnp

15 Feb 2021

Drugs n Stuff 83: DNP. This week, Steroids in the News, then Profile for DNP. After that, listener questions. With Dave Crosland and Scott McNally.
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Muscle Minds, 99: training principles

12 Feb 2021

Muscle Minds 99: Training Principles. With Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally.

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It’s Just Bodybuilding, 79: coach's corner

10 Feb 2021

It’s Just Bodybuilding 79: Coach’s Corner. Tons of listener questions with IFBB Pros Big Ron Partlow and Dusty Hanshaw...

Drugs n Stuff, 82: listener qa

09 Feb 2021

Drugs n Stuff 82 - Listener QA. Dave Crosland and Scott McNally knock out a bunch of listener questions.

Blood Sweat & Gear, 103: smelling salts

05 Feb 2021

Blood Sweat & Gear 103: Smelling Salts. This week, Coach Andrew Berry joins Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally. First an experiment with smelling salts to start the show, followed by training talk and listener QA...

It’s Just Bodybuilding, 78: ron & dusty qa

03 Feb 2021

It’s Just Bodybuilding 78: Big Ron and Dusty QA.
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Drugs n Stuff, 81: superdrol

01 Feb 2021

Drugs n Stuff 81: Superdrol.
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Muscle Minds, 98: cns training

29 Jan 2021

Muscle Minds 98: Applying Training CNS Adaptations to Produce Growth.
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It’s Just Bodybuilding, 77: coach's corner

27 Jan 2021

It’s Just Bodybuilding 77: Coach’s Corner. Big Ron Partlow and Dusty Hanshaw are back with another round of listener questions...