Strength Depositions

Hosted by Scott McNally

Strength Depositions, Episode 14

01 Dec 2017

Strength Depositions Episode 14. Janel Vegter and Jay Fay. Strength Depositions proudly presents Janel Vegter who is the world record holder in the 132lbs women’s powerlifting class. Janel totaled an amazing 1113lbs...

Strength Depositions, Episode 13

20 Nov 2017

Strength Depositions 13. Tri-covery is the top massage and flexibility recovery specialists in Michigan and the United States. They are the recovery specialists for the Detroit Lions as well as many top Athletes around the world...

Strength Depositions, Episode 12

22 Aug 2017

Cory Allen is the founder of Foundations for Strength, "Through Foundation for Strength, we will raise social consciousness and donate funds to those who are battling cancer or other life-threatening diseases.” Cory is a cancer survivor himself who saw his cousin and best friend Brett, die of cancer...

Strength Depositions, Episode 11

16 Aug 2017

Strength Depositions Podcast E11. We proudly bring to you, one of the owners of the World Famous Strength Depot Gym, Tina Kinsley. Tina is an olympic weightlifter, a powerlifter and a nationally ranked Strongman. She recently placed second overall in the United States Strongman Competition in Warren Michigan...

Strength Depositions, Episode 10

08 Aug 2017

Strength Depositions 10. Janae Kroc. We are honored to have powerlifting legend Janae Kroc on. Janae for those who don’t know, is formerly Matt Kroc, who at 220 pounds totaled a then record 2551 in powerlifting. Kroc rows are named after her. Janae is transgender and identifies as both male and female...

Strength Depositions, Episode 09

01 Aug 2017

It is my honor to present the person I consider my mentor in strength, Dan John. Dan is an all-American discus holder, a Highland games athlete, powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter, Strength coach, Fulbright scholar and in my opinion, the top strength coach in the country. When I started this podcast, he was the person I most wanted on it. Dan is always changing and trying to learn new things. It is my pleasure to present to you, Dan John

Strength Depositions, Episode 08

26 Jul 2017

Strength Depositions Podcast 8 features Zach Gallmann. Zach is a featured columnist for Elitefts, a national level strongman competitor, former strength coach at Spot Athletics and the creator of a critically acclaimed video series “Finding Strength”...

Strength Depositions, Episode 07

17 Jul 2017

Strength Depositions Podcast 7. An Interview with Michael De La Pava. Oh man are you in for a treat. We had the absolute thrill to speak to Strongman, Powerlifter, Rugby player and Mixed Martial Artist and Muay Thai fighter as well as owner of Battle Axe Gym in Miami Florida....The One....The Only...

Strength Depositions, Episode 06

12 Jul 2017

Strength Depositions 6. The Crew talks to one of the best bench pressers of all time, Jeff Johnston. Jeff did a bench press of 722 at 220lbs and 738 at 242 lbs. Jeff gives us the most detailed benching advice that I have personally ever heard before...

Strength Depositions, Episode 05

05 Jul 2017

In the squat episode we talk to long time powerlifter Rob Fuciarelli about how to squat and the things he has learned in his 20+ years of lifting. He teaches us how to brace properly as well as how to stay tight in the lift from the toes to the hair on the head. Rob teaches us...