Strength Depositions 19. We are so excited to bring to you Nate Harvey from elitefts. Nate was the Head Strength Coach of Olympic Sports at the State University of New York Buffalo. He is also a lead writer that is getting quite a following at Elitefts. He speaks to Chuck about his new book Conjugated U that just came out. We have read it and love it because it applies not just towards powerlifting, but towards athletes. He incorporates conjugated periodization to make athletes in any sport stronger. Warmups, explosive movements, dynamic effort and max effort as well as injury prevention are in this book making a must for athletes. The hallmark of a great teacher is somebody who takes complicated material and makes it easier and addressable. That is what Nate does. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. This is a great interview only on Strength Depositions.

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