Drugs n Stuff 68. All things oral steroids - pros, cons, when to use them. Whats the most under and over rated? Plus listener QA.
Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott Mcnally
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  • Oral Steroids - Pros, Cons. Most over rated and under rated steroids
  • Most Under Rated and Over Rated Orals
  • Oral steroids are harsh on the liver
  • Tren and night sweats
  • Should I add an oral to test/EQ ?
  • Body fat and hormones
  • Running steroids when you have progesterone issues
  • Can T4 be used for fat loss
  • Update on Scott’s supplement plan to rehab his shoulder
  • Is Primo Over rated? Whats an optimal dose?

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Reach out to Scott: mcnallydiets@gmail.com

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