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Advices Radio, Episode 122

28 Feb 2020

Advices Radio 122: Grow Muscle Naturally with Natural Mr Olympia John Hansen. John talks about the training nutritional style that he found has worked the best to develop and maintain his physique.

And check out John’s seminar, March 21-22 in Tampa Fl. Visit for details...

It’s Just Bodybuilding, Episode 28

26 Feb 2020

It’s Just Bodybuilding 28: IFBB Pro Anth Bailes. With hosts IFBB Pro’s Big Ron Partlow and Dusty Hanshaw Anth talks about the first time he trained with Leroy Davis. What it’s like bodybuilding with diabetes. Is hard and heavy training making a comeback?...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 79

20 Feb 2020

Blood Sweat & Gear 79: Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally ar joined by special guest Jeff Black from the Excellence Cartel Podcast. The guys take listener questions from the Advices Radio Facebook group to have round table discussions on the following topics...

It’s Just Bodybuilding, Episode 27

19 Feb 2020

It’s Just Bodybuilding 27 with IFBB Pros Dusty Hanshaw and Big Ron Partlow. This week, toms of listener questions!

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Drugs n Stuff, Episode 44

18 Feb 2020

Drugs n Stuff 44: HCG is being reclassified. Once considered a drug, as of March 2020, HCG is considered a Biologic, which will change the way it is sold through compounding pharmacies. Plus, a lesson in the legality of HCG in the UK...

Advices Radio, Episode 121

17 Feb 2020

Advices Radio 121: Scott Mendelson talks training and eating to grow muscle. Founder of Infinity Fitness, coach to professional athletes and special assistant to Dr Eric Serrano, Scott has had 2 decades of working in the fitness industry. He has some interesting spins to ideas we are familiar with here on Advices Radio...

It’s Just Bodybuilding, Episode 26

12 Feb 2020

It’s Just Bodybuilding 26. Super Heavy Weight Nick Walker joins Dusty and Big Ron.




Drugs n Stuff, Episode 43

11 Feb 2020

Drugs n Stuff 43 - Steroids are being sold on social media!?
Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott McNally.



Advices Radio, Episode 120

10 Feb 2020

Advices Radio 120: Gary Turner breaks 300 lbs!




Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 78

06 Feb 2020

Blood Sweat & Gear 78: Straight into the topics today. PGF2A, Does IGF work locally or systemically, Massage guns, benefits to costs. Plus Listener questions. How important is DHEA, MT2 and erections and how to know how to adjust a diet when progress slows...