Drugs n Stuff 43 - Steroids are being sold on social media!?
Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott McNally.

Presented by TrueNutrition.com Code ADVICES

This week:

  • Crosland’s Harm Reduction is now offering blood letting.
  • The DEA is warning that steroids are being sold on social media. And it would seem the media is a little out of touch?
  • Anatomy of a recent BUST in the USA. Understanding charges etc
  • MHN - Methylhydroxynandrolone - Dave did some homework
  • How valuable is HCG in PCT vs just using a SERM ?
  • Does DHT cause acne ?
  • Needle gauge and length for a delt shot
  • Does taking an Ai and DHT Blocker “free up” test?
  • Beta Alinine and citrulline malate causing explosive diarrhea
  • Does Clomid increase ejaculate volume? Would this still work for someone with a vasectomy? Plus Clomid Side effects

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