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Advices Radio, Episode 110

30 Sep 2019

Advices Radio 110: Huge AF with Gary Turner. Gary talks with host Scott McNally about the mind set and the tools it’s taken to grow from 130 lbs to close to 300 lbs...

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 33

27 Sep 2019

Drugs n Stuff 33: Dave Crosland and Scott McNally cover listener questions about bodybuilding diet, training, supplementation and PEDs. Questions taken from the Advices Radio Group. Join the group and take part in the next episode...

Muscle Minds, Episode 71

26 Sep 2019

Muscle Minds 71: Dr Scott and Researcher Alex Kolliari-Turner discuss the mechanisms of muscle memory and their interaction with anabolic energetic steroid use, as well as an extraordinary opportunity to be part of some groundbreaking research Alex is conducting in the UK and Europe...

It’s Just Bodybuilding, Episode 07

25 Sep 2019

Its Just Bodybuilding 07: IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe. Luke reflects on one hell of a contest
season with Dusty and Big Ron, plus talks about training, plans for next year, so much
more and of course, he cracks some funny jokes along the way....

Advices Radio, Episode 109

24 Sep 2019

Advices Radio/Think BIG Bodybuilding 109: IFBB Pro Shaun Clarida after placing 3rd at the Olympia 212. Shaun talks about the improvements he made going into this Olympia with the biggest and leanest package he’s presented to date. He goes into the mind set of competing at this level and shares valuable advice for anyone interested in improving their physique...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 69

19 Sep 2019

Blood Sweat & Gear 69: Post Olympia talk, then listener questions. Scott McNally returns from the Olympia and sits down with Skip and S2H to record just a few hours later...

It’s Just Bodybuilding, Episode 06

18 Sep 2019

It’s Just Bodybuilding 06: Jose Raymond joins Dusty and Ron to recap the Olympia and more...

Muscle Minds, Episode 70

13 Sep 2019

Muscle Minds 70 with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally - Very informative Intra Workout shake discussion. Sexual side effects of Finasteride and more listener questions.

It’s Just Bodybuilding, Episode 05

11 Sep 2019

It’s Just Bodybuilding 05 with Dusty Hanshaw and Big Ron Partlow: Olympia Predictions Episode plus Coach’s Corner. Just days out from the 2019 Olympia, the guys share their predictions for the biggest show of the IFBB season. Pls the guys talk about their plans for the O and talk about what they like to do out in Vegas...

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 32

09 Sep 2019

Drugs n Stuff 32: Mental Illness - An Unspoken Reality in the Fitness and Strength Worlds. Trigger Warning, This podcast deals with the topic of suicide. Shawn Bellon joins Dave Crosland and Scott McNally to share his experience with recovering from mental illness...