Muscle Minds 70 with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally - Very informative Intra Workout shake discussion. Sexual side effects of Finasteride and more listener questions. 

1:40 Powder Peanut Butter with protein, low carbs and low fats. Dr Scott is making his own Protein Pancakes with these.
4:20 Dr Scott’s Dieting Treat : Diet Grape Soda. Is Diet Soda bad on our bodies? How beneficial is Alkaline Water?
21:00 Intra Workout Shakes, Why would our listener go hypo while using a HBCD and Peptpro intra workout ? Discussion of the process in making Vitargo and why it can produce very different results. How the molecular weight of a given carb will effect how fast it digests and what this means for you in the gym
40:51 Sexual Side Effects of Finasteride. A crafty online company is marketing Finasteride to sound very safe on your sexual function while the Scotts find studies to show the opposite. Though we don’t totally understand how this drug works that has caused an irreversible change in many men. And finally, what role does the placebo effect play in this?
54:00 Growth Hormone - What are dimmers and how can dimmers and impurities possibly impact your body’s ability to utilize the product?
1:00:30 Would a .22 Micron Filter remove heavy metals from gear?
1:05:40 Going Flat while cutting. Dr Scott talks about the ONE time Dave Henry went flat LOL but for most of us it’s common. What are the dangers of less muscle glycogen and cell hydration? What are the benefits? How does one navigate losing fat and retaining muscle

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