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It’s Just Bodybuilding, Episode 03

29 Aug 2019

It’s just Bodybuilding 03 with Big Ron Partlow and Dusty Hanshaw. This week,Dusty is adding mass while Ron is dieting down “for the fuck of it”. Huh?!

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 31

28 Aug 2019

Drugs n Stuff 31 with Special Guest Richard Foster of Strom Sports Nutrition. Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott Mcnally. Richard shares his education on health supplements and gives Dave a much deserved hard time. Then after the break (about 40 min),

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 67

26 Aug 2019

Blood Sweat & Gear 67: Dave Kalick joins Skip Hill and Scott McNally.

It’s Just Bodybuilding, Episode 02

22 Aug 2019

It’s just Bodybuilding 02 with Big Ron Partlow and Dusty Hanshaw. This week, the guys talk with up and coming IFBB Pro Iain Valliere.

Muscle Minds, Episode 68

21 Aug 2019

Muscle Minds 68: Chronotypes. Are you more of a morning person or an evening
person? First Dr Scott shares his experience at Armbrust Pro Gym in CO. Then after the
break, explains what Chronotypes are and how this may influence our behaviors. With
Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally...

The Come Up, Episode 17

19 Aug 2019

Alysha Mills joins us on episode 17 of The Come Up Podcast! Alysha is a Canadian figure competitor currently prepping for North Americans. She narrowly missed earning her pro card last season and hopes to join the pro ranks this year. Walmart, poutine, tinbits, igloos, and muscle! Tune in to hear more...

It’s Just Bodybuilding, Episode 01

15 Aug 2019

It’s Just Bodybuilding Episode 01. Co Hosts Big Ron Partlow and Dusty Hanshaw team up to bring you some of the realest bodybuilding chat, and most exciting guests in the industry.

Drugs n Stuff, Episode 30

14 Aug 2019

Drugs n Stuff 30 with Dave Crosland and Scott McNally Dave is under the weather with Prostate Issues Obesity is considered a disability in the US...

Advices Radio, Episode 107

13 Aug 2019

Advices Radio 107 - Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol in Bodybuilding with Nate Spear. At 3 wks out from NPC North Americans, Nate sits down with Scott McNally to talk about recovery and living his best life free of drugs and alcohol.

The Come Up, Episode 16

10 Aug 2019

On this installment of The Come Up Hailey and Ryan are joined by IFBB Pro, Brittany Larson. Brittany is a female bodybuilder who recently won her class at the USA Championships earning her pro card. Brittany has a handful of medical issues which should make being a successful bodybuilder nearly impossible...