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Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 29

27 Feb 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 29. Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally. BPC157 revisited with S2H on board. Does EQ aromatize? Case Study of a guy training 7x wk. Will GH cause cancer? Discussion on pinning and much more! Only on BSG and only at the Advices Radio Network!

Strength Depositions, Episode 19

23 Feb 2018

Strength Depositions 19. We are so excited to bring to you Nate Harvey from elitefts. Nate was the Head Strength Coach of Olympic Sports at the State University of New York Buffalo. He is also a lead writer that is getting quite a following at Elitefts...

Advices Radio, Episode 55

21 Feb 2018

Advices Radio 55: Wade Lightheart. Author, speaker, and 3 time natural bodybuilding champion, this conversation is just a small window into the life of a man that had pushed bodybuilding to it’s physical extremes only to discover a deeper passion for the sport in it’s truest sense...

Clinical Muscle, Episode 29

20 Feb 2018

Clinical Muscle 29: Case study of Natty Female Bodybuilder! Plus TRT and Hemoglobin?? Testosterone supplementation for women? SARMs and Gyno??? All this and much, much more! Prep the cathetor and I hope you’ve been practicing your Kegel, because the Doctors will see you now…

Strength Depositions, Episode 18

16 Feb 2018

Strength Depositions 17. Group Catch up. Things happen in life and we went on a sort of hiatus for a little bit. In this podcast the group catches up and tells whats going on in their lives as well as what is going on in the near future...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 28

15 Feb 2018

Blood Sweat & Gear 28: Skip Hill and Scott McNally answer questions from the Advices Forums. Be a part of the next show and submit questions at This week, Do TRT clinics provide enough AAS for a competitor?...

Muscle Minds, Episode 28

14 Feb 2018

Muscle Minds 28 - Justin Harris & Brad Hull. Along with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. The group answers listener questions

Beyond Driven Radio, Episode 14

13 Feb 2018

Beyond Driven Radio: Justin Harris - the Art of the Do-Over Living the bodybuilding lifestyle requires a high degree of dedication. But what happens when you live that lifestyle for a long time...

Beyond Driven Radio, Episode 13

05 Feb 2018

Beyond Driven 13: Terrence Ruffin. The past few years, we've repeatedly heard how bodybuilding is "dying". And now, we're seeing numerous pro bodybuilders jump ship and opt for classic physique for the first time...