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If you’re hungry to hear about more than just sets and reps, and are ready to dig deeper into bodybuilding culture, put on your headphones, turn the volume up, and tune in to ARN - you're about to embark on a journey that will expand your mind and infinitely grow your love of bodybuilding.

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 10

27 Apr 2017

Blood Sweat & Gear 10. Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally talk about all things bodybuilding. Diet, Training, Gear and more. This week, lots of listener questions. Disclosing to your girlfriend that you use AAS, Good or bad idea? Thoughts and experience with 1-Test Cypionate (Dihydroboldenone)...

Muscle Minds, Episode 09

25 Apr 2017

Muscle Minds 09. Jordan Peters, Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally are back. Jordan is getting STRONG! Dr Scott is getting ripped! Sorbet is back in the grocery stores and the Muscle Minds are here to answer questions from the Bodybuilding Advices Forum. Ace Inhibitors and A2 Receptors, Pre-Workouts -TeaCrine and other ingredients. Test dose and scores on Lab Results. How is Jordan getting such dramatic results with some of his clients? GDA’s, Berberine, Metformin and others.

Clinical Muscle, Episode 10

20 Apr 2017

The Doctors are in! Your favorite 1.5 Doctors are back this week to answer your medical qualms and clinical querries! This week; TRT and Diet change??? Is stimulants making me so tired and fatigued?? Books for genius-level practitioners??! Women and TRT??? Doctor Stephen goes off on fatties! All this and much much more! So hurry up and pee in that cup then zip up your pants, because the Doctors are IN!!

Advices Radio, Episode 39

19 Apr 2017

Advices Radio 39. Double Feature Bonus Episode. Matt Weik of Weik Fitness comes on Advices to talk about being an independent business owner in the fitness industry. Matt talks about the skills, dedication and hard work it takes to be good at what you’re doing. After that, Chuck Zurawski comes on the show to catch up and talk about the strength seminars he has been going to. Hosted by Scott McNally.

Advices Radio, Episode 38

18 Apr 2017

Advices Radio 38. Dr Tony Huge and Coach Trevor of Enhanced Athlete are back and calling in from Costa Rica. This time we focus more on Coach Trevor, learning about his philosophies as they relate to bodybuilding drugs and nutrition. We talk about Tony’s most recent show and how Trevor helped him win first place in his class and the Overall LA Grand Prix title. Plus we cover listener questions from the Bodybuilding Advices forum. Hosted by Scott McNally. Also available on iTunes, search “Advices Radio”

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 09

13 Apr 2017

Blood Sweat & Gear 09. Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally are here for the 9th installment of BSG. Skip gives us a wrap up on the second run of his fat burner experiment. In depth DNP conversation. Next up, Water Manipulation : Diuretics, Sodium and Fluid Control. After that, Listener Questions. How often should you administer NPP (nandrolone phenylpropionate) and other compounds. Break down of a listener’s lab work. Plus Skip’s Hot Tub Cover Ripped, AGAIN? Talk about burying the lead! All this and more. Take part in the next episode by posting your questions at the BSG thread in the Bodybuilding section of the Advices Forum

Clinical Muscle, Episode 09

11 Apr 2017

The Doctors are IN! This week on Clinical Muscle, the 1.5 Doctors are back to euthanize your questions! Nipple issues?? Women and TRT?? What to do about high SHBG?? Brussel Sprout gas and fecal problems??? All this and much much more on Clinical Muscle! Decompress the blood pressure cuff and get the naughty nurse to take our temperature, because the Doctors are IN!

Muscle Minds, Episode 08

06 Apr 2017

Muscle Minds 08. Jordan Peters, Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally get together for episode 08! Jordan finally beat his cold and Dr Scott is suffering a sorbet shortage in his town. What, what?! Then Leg Training and the importance of Adductor development. After that, Topic of the Day : Dietary Adjustments - Diets are not static... 

Advices Radio, Episode 37

04 Apr 2017

Advices Radio 37. Bill Tocco, Consistency in the Off Season, Part 2. Back on Episode 2 of AR, Bill came on to talk with host Scott McNally about the importance of consistency in the off season. That episode was recorded just a few weeks after Bill’s contest season ended. Flash forward to the end of his off season and Bill is back to talk about some of the specific methods of training he has used to bring up his legs. This is a case study in targeting a body part that you want to improve. This episode promises to get you thinking about how you train and will hopefully inspire you to be more creative in the gym so that you can reach your goals most successfully.

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