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Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 08

31 Mar 2017

Blood Sweat & Gear 08. Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally discuss this week’s topic, Where is your line? What is too extreme for bodybuilding? Then listener questions from the Bodybuilding Advices forum. Hemoglobin and Hematocrit levels on gear. How do you structure carbs on non-training days in the off season? What is Glutathione and what are some of the reasons to use it? More DNP discussion, Thoughts on fast acting vs long acting insulin, Do Dietary Fats store as Fat while using Insulin? plus much more!

Clinical Muscle, Episode 08

30 Mar 2017

The Doctors are IN!! This week, the Doctors vivisect your listener questions!

What’s up with my TSH levels?? How do I request TRT therapy from my Endocrinologist?? Test Prop pain?? The Doctor’s opinions on SEO?? All this and much much more on Clinical Muscle Episode 8! Slap on that blood pressure cuff, and then bend over and cough, because the Doctors are IN!

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Advices Radio, Episode 36

29 Mar 2017

Advices Radio Episode 36. This is another DOUBLE FEATURE. First, David Johnston comes on to discuss Diagnostic Training, improving symmetry through a smarter, mindful approach to training. Analyze your weaknesses and figuring out how to balance them out or even turn them strengths. With years of experience as a personal trainer and diet coach, DJ shares with us some of the mindset he has used to help a countless number of people be the best they can.

Muscle Minds, Episode 07

23 Mar 2017

Muscle Minds 07. Scott Stevenson, Jordan Peters and Scott McNally are back for another set of mental Muscle Rounds, etching deep striations into your frontal cortex! This week, the guys talk about the benefits of CPAP and the health risks related to sleep apnea that many big guys suffer from...

Advices Radio, Episode 35

21 Mar 2017

Advices Radio 35. DOUBLE FEATURE. Host Scott McNally talks with Prady of Azoth about Nootropics. This is an in depth look at nootropic drugs, exploring what they are, how they work, different types of nootropics and how to stack them together.

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 07

16 Mar 2017

Blood Sweat & Gear 07. Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally are back. This week’s topic : Coming to terms with the fact that at some point in life, we all need to stop being “Huge”. After that, Listener Questions, Skip’s fat burner update, How long should your coach take to get back to you? The quality of different brands of pins, Does using a sauna burn fat? What to look for or look out for with generic GH? Plus story time with S2H And a whole lot more!

Clinical Muscle, Episode 07

15 Mar 2017

Clinical Muscle 07. The Doctors are in! You favorite 1.5 Doctors are back to excise your questions and alleviate eardrums with Clinical Muscle ep7! This week; Post-Arnold Classic memoirs! TRT and Polycythemia! Proper “health” supplementation?? Sleep and circadian rhythm?? Test levels of 12, 510!?? Back pain Post-Injection?? All this and much much more! Call in the nurses and slap on those latex gloves, because the doctors are IN!

Advices Radio, Episode 34

14 Mar 2017

Advices Radio 34. Hypnotism in Sports with Dr Jack Singer Ph.D. Licensed & Certified Clinical/Sport Psychologist, Dr Singer practices Clinical Hypnotherapy with athletes to remove distractions and help them reach their full potential. Dr Jack talks with host Scott McNally about the benefits of hypnosis in sports and all areas of life...

Muscle Minds, Episode 06

08 Mar 2017

Muscle Minds 06. Jordan Peters, Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally are back from the Arnold Classic and discuss their weekend together in Columbus. IFBB Dave Henry’s improved muscularity and condition was a shining moment of the weekend and Scott talks about the work he did with Dave to bring this new show stopping look. 

Advices Radio, Episode 33

07 Mar 2017

Advices Radio 33. IFBB Pro Shelby Starnes. From his experience as a top prep coach, to the success he has had in his own bodybuilding, Shelby is a great example of someone that has worked hard to reach his goals and become a champion. On this episode, Shelby discusses with host, Scott McNally, the mindset of being the best competitor you can be. Learn some tools to help you be your best as well as learn to recognize some of the pitfalls that can hold you back . Visit Shelby at