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Advices Radio, Episode 30

31 Jan 2017

Advices Radio Episode 30. Dave Kalick. Prep Coach and bodybuilder, Dave Kalick shares his perspective about important aspects of bodybuilding. He talks about nutrition, coaching philosophies, AAS and insulin perspectives, training and much more. Dave has been coaching for a long time and has some really cool view points that will hopefully spark us to think about what we are doing to reach our goals. Hosted by Scott McNally. Presented by Naps Gear.

Clinical Muscle, Episode 04

27 Jan 2017

The 1.5 Doctors are back! This week on Clinical Muscle ep4; Tumor palpation basics! Essential Supplementation! Marijuana Update! What to do post-surgery! Drugs for sex drive? Juicing?? All this, and much much more! No waiting room, no expensive bill, and no shitty insurance, just our C-Grade answers and improper bedside manners. Put down your intake forms and pee in your lab cups, the Doctors are IN!

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 04

26 Jan 2017

Blood Sweat & Gear 04. Skip Hill and S2H join Scott McNally for episode 4. Discussion includes Training and Nutrition when sick. Melanotan protocol, Gear not working?, Clen affecting eye sight, Recovering from injury and recovery from an operation, discussion on coaching companies and how they work and much more. Presented by Naps Gear
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Muscle Minds, Episode 03

19 Jan 2017

Muscle Minds Episode 03. Dr Scott Stevenson, Jordon Peters and Scott McNally are back. The guys discuss Ubiquinol vs Ubiquinone. Curcumin vs Super Bio Curcumin. Dealing with diet burn-out and the underlying issues that caused this issue. Binding affinity of steroids. Dealing with chronic and acute joint problems. Dr Scott helps give direction to a younger listener find his life path. All this and more! Muscle Minds is presented by Naps Gear

Advices Radio, Episode 29

17 Jan 2017

Advices Radio Episode 29. Dr. Tony Huge. Host Scott McNally talks with the controversial and charismatic Tony Huge, exploring the motivations behind his shocking exploits and later, they discuss ideas behind some of the bodybuilding drugs that Tony loves to explore. Presented by Naps Gear

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Clinical Muscle, Episode 03

16 Jan 2017

This week on Clinical Muscle 3! The 1.5 Doctors give their finest C+ answers to our lovely listener questions; HGH and Gear post-surgery?? Alcohol and Bodybuilding, just how bad is it?? Blood sugar and bodyfat? What the hell is Ouabain?? This and much much more, on Clinical Muscle 3. The Doctors are IN!

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 03

12 Jan 2017

Blood Sweat and Gear Episode 3. This week, S2H and Scott McNally talk about strongman nutrition with Nathan Payton, nutritionist of 4x and current World’s Strongest Man. Then Skip joins the Scotts to cover questions from the BSG thread at the Advices Radio forums. Questions include Insulin timing, SEO in the quads, RBC at Elevation, Bad Shots, plus thoughts on Tony Huge, Skip’s new pet, and a whole lot more!

Advices Radio, Episode 28

10 Jan 2017

Advices Radio Episode 28. Bostin Loyd. His name is synonymous with extreme gear use and this is often the topic of discussion when Boston is on a bodybuilding radio show but in this interview, Scott McNally discusses coaching with Bostin...

Muscle Minds, Episode 02

05 Jan 2017

Muscle Minds Episode 02. Jordan Peters, Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally answer bodybuilding questions. Are complex training programs necessary to make great strength? Nutrient timing on training vs non-training days. M1T vs Superdrol vs Oral Tren. CNS recovery from hard training. Keeping hunger high on high calorie diets. DNP and high blood glucose. How to deal with newbies at the gym this January and much much more!

Clinical Muscle, Episode 02

03 Jan 2017

Clinical Muscle Episode 2. With Dr Stephen Ogden and Dr Vijay Puri. The Doctors are in and answering questions from the forum. This week, topics include Bringing up Natural Test Levels, Masturbation??, Knee Pain, Things to Avoid with Lumbar Herniations to Sciatica, Plus an “Inspirational” Quotes and a whole lot more. Clinical Muscle is presented by Naps Gear