Advices Radio 74 : IFBB Stan McQuay, Justin Harris and UK Bodybuilder Aaron Hudson. Hosted by Scott McNally. 3 big interviews! 1 big show! For starters, IFBB Pro Stan McQuay joins Scott to talk about his career which has evolved from natural federations to the NPC to the IFBB and eventually has come to Classic Physique where he will finish his career this season. They talk about the awesome path Stan has walked through his lifetime in bodybuilding and what he is going to do moving forward after competing. Stan also shares cool stories of training celebrities like Dr Dre. Then Justin Harris comes on to answer questions from the Advices Radio Instagram page. Your topics include all aspects of the sport so tune in, grab a note book and learn! Finally, Aaron Hudson joins us from the UK to talk about the progress he has been making with new coach, Chris Acito

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