Drugs n Stuff 46: Steroids in Law Enforcement. Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott McNally

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Topic 1:
Steroids in the News : Several officers are on leave after being busted in a steroid use and steroid sales ring. This sparks a discussion on the rules about steroid use with police officers in the UK and US.

Topic 2 at 18:00 :
A new study talks about the current state of steroids in the UK. Dave gets really worked up about this study and explains way!

Then Listener Questions 36:10

  • Home Brewing for personal - Minimizing legal risks TRT with Deca - Will the deca negatively impact cholesterol
  • Dave talks about the range of what TRT is
  • DIM for estrogen control on TRT
  • Would you ever want to cycle off of TRT ?
  • Scott gets changed a ton of money for his therapeutic phlebotomy.

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