Blood Sweat & Gear Bodybuilding Podcast 21 - Skip Hill, S2H, Scott McNally. This week on BSG, the guys discuss common factors that do contribute to stomach distention. If you’re younger, pay attention and avoid this from happening to you! Then listener questions from the Bodybuilding Advices Forums. Waist trainers/Sweat Belts. Are they of any benefit? Self Esteem - How to deal with feeling inadequate next to the genetically superior when you have average white dude genetics? Reverse Dieting - When does a diet necessitate using a reverse diet to build the food intake back up? TRT - Evaluation of a listeners labs, trying to understand why he’s feeling crappy when his test levels are in range. More TRT - Is there any benefit to using Masteron and test together for hormone replacement therapy ? This and more on BSG 21. Only on the Advices Radio Network!
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