It’’s Just Bodybuilding 17 Coach’s Corner with IFBB Pros Dusty Hanshaw and Big Ron
Partlow. Presented By Code: ADVICES. This week:

  • Recapping the James Hollingshead interview and how the guys related to him
  • Ron talks about when he moved to Australia with just a hockey bag of worldly positions
  • Dusty talks about the simplicity and order of bodybuilding and how it lent itself to his personality
  • Diuretics - When should they be used and when should they be avoided
  • Will Phil Heath compete again and if so, how will he do?
  • What % of people lie about what they ate in their check ins ?
  • What was your biggest challenge going into your first show?
  • Do you believe in flexible dieting?
  • Should someone do a national level show “just for the experience” ?
  • Who is your favorite super hero ?
  • Would training with progressive overload help or hurt the genetic elite?
  • What was your first ever pre-workout?
  • Androgen Receptor sensitivity, Coming off, switching esters etc
  • What lessons did the guys learn from sports they played ?
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety in bodybuilding and in general
  • How to overcome heart break

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IFBB Pro Dusty Hanshaw
IFBB PRO Big Ron Partlow

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