Advices Radio 118: Gut Health with Wade Lightheart. Digestive issues are one of the biggest limiting factors in bodybuilding. Wade talks about some of the issues that can arise with our high protein diets. He discusses how to get the most out of our protein through nutritional and supplement choices without suffering gut issues in the process.
Hosted by Scott McNally

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Current Intra Workout Protocol:
1 Scoop Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (Lemon Cake)
2 Scoops Essencial Amino Acids (bulk unflavored)

Note from Scott - I’ve used the P3OM probiotic and Masszymes by Bioptimizers long term and have suggested these products to my clients. I’ve seen great success with these products and would suggest them to anyone interested in improving their digestion. It’s not often I will back a product but I am quite confident in the products Wade carries. Use our portal to their site to support the show:

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