Strength Depositions Episode 2: Women in lifting. Today on Strength Depositions we talk to two remarkable women. Jen Prientz who is a competitive athlete in strongwomen and Aissa Galang who is competitive in powerlifting. Jenn and Aissa talk about how and why they started lifting. Why they do what they do and how it progressed from working out in a gym for the first time to a high ranked competitive athlete in each of their sports respectively. We hear from each of them about what it is like to get looks for being a strong women in a society that is just now starting to embrace them. They give advice to women who want to start lifting and also give us some tips on upright pressing as well as bench tips. At the very end we are joined and introducing Drew Ottaway who is one of the best deadlifters in the world in the 198lbs weight class. He has hit the 855x3 in training and just recently hit 750, his opener in the Detroit Barbell Summer Bash this weekend. All this and more from Chuck, Shane, Mike and Rob on the new episode of Strength Depositions brought to you from the World Famous Strength Depot Gym.

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