Drugs n Stuff 26: Is there such thing as only doing one cycle?(6:00) Plus Dave spends his weekend as singer Sean Kingston’s security guard??? Listener questions : - Which stimulants does Dave prefer for contest prep (30:35) - Some benefits of L Tyrosine (41:50) - Dietary fats on Insulin (44:22) - Dear Davy : “Turns out the guy I like used way too much gear on his first cycle. Should I tell him this was a bad idea? (54:10) - How to lower cortisol and is it possible for it to be too low? (59:00) - Should labs always look good, even at the end of a cycle ? (1:05:45) Support the Advices Radio Network. Shop with our sponsor TrueNutrition.com Code = ADVICES Reach out to Dave Crosland: Croslands.org.uk Drugs n Stuff is recorded from a live video broadcast on Facebook and is also available on video at Youtube

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