Blood Sweat & Gear Bodybuilding Podcast 64 - Answering Bodybuilding related questions. Skip Hill shares his 2 decades of coaching experience along with Scott McNally and no S2H. Presented by 

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(26:00) Skip’s experience at NPC Jr Nationals
(38:30) Will Skip Compete
(41:59) Worst Contest Experience
(52:00) KY11, thoughts on SARMS and Synthetic Drugs
(1:00:00) SARMs during a cruise
(1:04:19) Peptides/GH intra dermal or SubQ ?
(1:12:20) Who was the strongest person you’ve seen in the gym?
(1:28:00) How long will it take to tell if your training routine is good for you?
(1:35:40) Combining Betides with HGH
(1:43:55) Fasted Cardio with Insulin and Injectable L Carnitine PLUS, Skip gets a new cat???

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