Blood Sweat & Gear 92: Mobility, Splitting GH dose, Mini Cuts. Hosted by Skip Hill, S2H & Scott McNally.
1:30 Skip’s melanotan use
2:20 New York Pro is coming up and Skip is helloing a guy in the 212
4:40 No audience at NPC North Americans
11:00 Stretching and mobility, Recovery from injury
32:45 Moderate cycle for 16-20 wks or harder cycle for 8 wks
41:00 Does site enhancing GH have a local benefit ?
41:20 How effective is HGH at growing muscle ?
46:30 How do you adjust nutrition to do a mini diet ?
52:00 Scott McNally comes up with a sweet reality tv idea. Prepping on nothing but fat food
55:00 Would you rather… Live in a world where everything tasted like peanut butter OR everything had the consistency of peanut butter ?
1:01:00 Planning cycles differently for guys that do TRT vs come off
1:09”30 Go to Health Supplements
1:15:55 Will HCG prevent infertility during a cycle
1:20:00 PCT - Skip doesn’t believe in it. Scott McNally believes in PCT
1:29:00 Is there much difference if you train to failure with 8-10 reps vs 12-15 reps
1:33:46 When using 10iu or more GH, how do you split it up ?
1:367:00 Ric Drasin passes away
1:38:00 IGF LR3 post workout vs GH?

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