Muscle Minds 85 - Old School High Intensity Training Techniques. With Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. From the cult of Mike Mentzer to Dante Trudel, this week the guys talk about old school high intensity training.

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Old school lost training concepts
08:30 The structure of a rep and training techniques
12:20 Learning from our past
15:24 Mike Mentzer came up with rest pause
17:20 Warm ups psychological and neurological
21:27 Has Doctor Scott ever followed a heavy duty program?
24:18 Volume vs intensity of effort
36:48 Controlling the back off set and mind muscle connection
41:44 Does frequency of training matter?
50:40 Professional Intensity Training techniques book and rest pause vs intermittent reps widow maker style
57:08 Different versions of absolute failure
1:04:56 The limitations of different studies
1:14:03 Thoughts on supplements for prostate health
1:15:48 Does Doctor Scott have any feedback to justifying the cost of Magnesium L Threonate vs the others that cost less?
1:20:11 The best sleeping supplement Scott has ever used! Supplement Needs Discount code ADVICES10
1:23:03 High hematocrit and donating blood?
1:31:24 Are there any other names like Dante and Mike Mentzer that you can learn from?

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