Blood Sweat & Gear 85 : Bodybuilding QA - Skip Hill, S2H, Scott McNally Dark times in bodybuilding - Our thoughts are with John Meadows. We hope his health returns quickly! And we mourn the loss of IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe.

  • Older guy prepping - Should he add MK677?
  • Pharma Growth vs Generic
  • Getting Clients to Track their diet
  • Does Deodorant belong on your dresser or in the bathroom?
  • Should I drop my Ai, using 300mg TRT
  • Why are so many bodybuilders dependent on Nasal Spray
  • What should a client do to prepare for working with a coach
  • How to add carbs to grow muscle
  • Thoughts on the future of the fitness industry after all thats gone on
  • Wet Compounds when dieting

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