It’s Just Bodybuilding 72: Chad Nicholls. Big Ramy’s coach talks to Ron and Dusty about the Olympia and much more. Hosted by Big Ron Partlow and Dusty Hanshaw.

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1:18 Welcome Chad Nicholls
5:00 Who in Chad's mind was going to be the biggest threat
11:25 The Women's Physique decision
12:45 What were the keys to improving Ramy from the Arnold to the Olympia?
18:45 How important is training to the balance?
21:57 Peak 1990's - Chad was the king of contest prep
29:00 Ramy follows the plan perfectly and Dennis James posed him hard
33:27 Listener Questions Was there any worry that Ramy would spill ?
35:30 What are the goals with Ramy for the next show?
39:50 What set Chad apart in coaching Ramy?
42:35 "Winter is coming"
46:45 Will Chad come back to coaching more?
52:37 Whats Chad's number 1 lesson from 2020?
1:38:00 Everyone has been waiting for Ramy to win
1:11:36 Show Recap

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