Drugs n Stuff 53 with Dave Crosland and Scott McNally
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This week, we mourn the passing of Luke Sandoe and keep John Meadows in our thoughts after his heart attack.

Steroids in the News :

  • AU man arrested for importing GHB and steroids
  • TRT market to grow in 2020 with more hypogonadal men
  • Man drinks wife’s urine to avoid COVID 19 ???
  • Listener Questions :
  • Can you go to 2 doctors to get a double supply of TRT ?
  • Deca’s affect on cholesterol
  • Low dose tren for longer - Would that be less side effects ?
  • How much will your test levels go up, adding 500iu HCG to your TRT ?
  • Who built Stonehenge ????
  • Is binge eating a disorder when you’re dieting ?
  • Post show rebound to gain the muscle amount of muscle possible
  • Can NPP cause Deca Dick ?
  • Dealing with hand numbness with high doses of GH

Reach out to Dave: croslands.org.uk

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