Drugs n Stuff 51 : Race Horses on Ostarine. With Dave Crosland and Scott McNally.
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Steroids in the News:

  • Ostarine used in Race Horses
  • Man caught with Meth and Steroids
  • Steroids sold on Instagram
  • The media reports on death and links it to steroids

Listener Questions :

  • Ephedrine and the ECA stack for fat loss
  • Rotating Clen and ECA, 2 days on clen, then 2 days on ECA Best Training Method to Grow Muscle
  • Reverse the effects of steroids on the brain - What about psychedelics as a mental reset?
  • If someone can’t get ahold of PCT, should they taper off cycle or hold on TRT until they can get PCT meds
  • Best Supplements to combat anxiety during the quarantine

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