Drugs n Stuff 47: Man cuts leg off on Spice? Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott McNally.
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Steroids in the News:
Big East Coast Bust

Then Listener Questions :
20:15 - Triptorelin for natural test recovery. The risks to benefits
24:15 Case Study of a guy on TRT but wanting to “feel” more
34:15 Splitting up TRT and Arimidex 2x wk instead of 1x wk
41:00 Kisspeptin - increasing testosterone in men?
45:15 How is the purity of L Carnitine from veterinary suppliers
46:20 Who is more celebrated in the UK ? AC DC, Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin ?
50:20 What can Dave tell us about Soccer Hooligans?

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