It’s Just Bodybuilding 31 with IFBB Pros Dusty Hanshaw and Big Ron Partlow. This week, Coach’s Corner!!!

  • Corona Crazy! The guy discuss the impact of the shut down.
  • Where will dusty train when the gyms close?
  • What is your favorite end of the world movie?
  • Will the corona virus crash the online dating game?
  • Sexual side effects of tren.
  • If you sould send a letter to yourself what would it say?
  • When you see someone with bad form do you help them?
  • Ron and Dusty discuss pulling a 100lbs off of clients.
  • When you’ve lost size on legs or back what’s the fastest way to bring it back?
  • What do you recommend to the people who have to self isolate?
  • If you had a 100 grand what vehicle would you buy?
  • Dustys story about his 18th birthday present from his dad.

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