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Ricky / 2016-12-22 17:36
When are yall going to re up on your anapolon?????? Plz hurry on it
Anonymous64210 / 2016-12-18 21:27
Is QD labs legit
J2daz / 2016-12-18 20:09
Awesome pocast!

Whats the best Test/Sarm stack for lean gains and burning some body fat.. recomp..?
Anonymous96560 / 2016-12-18 04:31
Love the podcast. When is the best time to do blood work. Before cycle and after or during cycle also? Thanks!
Anonymous89500 / 2016-12-17 04:37
Hey there! Love the show!

A few episodes ago you and your friend who lives in Aurora were talking. I also live at that elevation and need to ask.
All other factors aside and just in relation to living at 6500 ft,

What should my RBC and hematocrit range be? I will be blasting the next 20 weeks 500mg test enth/Cyp and 600mg equipoise. WHAT ARE AN ACCEPTABLE BLOOD MARKER RANGE.

I know I need to be on the higher side of RBC at high elevation, but I'm sure you have talked with other competitors about this?

Then I'll cruise at 250-300mg.

Thanks for your help!
2cents / 2016-12-17 00:47
What do you guys think about Milos' theory on pwo insulin and pre,during and post shakes?
TooSharp / 2016-12-16 02:18
Vijay and I have been diagnosing this issue for almost a week now. Just a heads up.

Up until about four days ago I had been on AAS/Clen/T3/ECA for roughly seven months straight. After the episode Scott did with Colette; I went home and dusted off my glucometer and pulled off a fasted BGL of 126.

Four months prior my fasted levels were 71.

In the past four days I have made some changes to my regimen and have seen a decrees back into "normal" ranges of BGL.

Question: From where you sit what supplements could cause this reaction in higher levels and what should be done to prevent them from reoccurring?

Should I use insulin when going for long contest prep diets to prevent beta cell failure?
Anonymous73769 / 2016-12-15 13:47
-What is the best peptide stack for cutting fat while still building muscle?
-Best peptide stack for pure mass-gain?
-Azelaic acid and minoxidil for hair loss treatment on cycle?
-How to stack insulin and hgh peptides?
Pete1985 / 2016-12-15 00:01
Also with my training, I lose strength and have a hard time getting a pump and a good contraction since starting the Kratom. Thanks again.
Pete1985 / 2016-12-14 23:56
This is for s2h as I've heard him talk about Kratom before. I've been on high dose Kratom daily, about 5-10g every 2 hours, and I just noticed since I started using it my physique and training goes to complete shit. I look either extremely flat or holding tonnes of water, I'm not sure which one it is. Doesn't matter how much gear I'm on I just look like shit and can't improve my look at all? Any ideas or experience with this happening with Kratom? Thanks so much.