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Advices Radio, 136: road to north americans gary turner

30 Jun 2020

Advices Radio 136: Road to North Americans with Gary Turner. Hosted by Scott McNally.

Drugs n Stuff, 59: injectable l carnitine

29 Jun 2020

Drugs n Stuff 59: Injectable L Carnitine. Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott McNally. Special Guest Dr Scott Stevenson...

Blood Sweat & Gear, 88: drug muscle vs real muscle

25 Jun 2020

Blood Sweat & Gear 88 - Drug Muscle Vs Real Muscle. With Skip Hill, S2H & Scott McNally...

It’s Just Bodybuilding, 45: john meadows

24 Jun 2020

It’s Just Bodybuilding 45: John Meadows. Hosted by Big Ron Partlow and Dusty Hanshaw.

Advices Radio, 135: road to north americans - jordan janowitz

23 Jun 2020

Advices Radio 135: Road to North Americans Jordan Janowitz. Hosted by Scott McNally.

Drugs n Stuff, 58: the truth is hard to swallow

22 Jun 2020

Drugs n Stuff 58: The Truth is Tough to Swallow

Drugs in the News:
  -  Boxer Virginia Fuchs Tests Positive for Letro and GW501516. Claims it was from sexual relations to her boyfriend
  -  Man gains 225 lbs during quarantine...

Muscle Minds, 84: bodybuilding science with dr scott stevenson

18 Jun 2020

Muscle Minds 84 with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally

  • Stretching for recovery and muscle gains
  • Is there a benefit to carrying extra fat for a Triathlon? 
  • Ronnie Coleman claiming to be NEGATIVE Body fat %
  • Dr Scott’s experience when he coached Jordan Peters - How he gained so much muscle

It’s Just Bodybuilding, 44: bodybuilding qa

17 Jun 2020

It’s Just Bodybuilding 44 : Bodybuilding QA. Hosted by Ron Partlow and Dusty Hanshaw...

Advices Radio, 134: road to nationals - martin fitzwater

16 Jun 2020

Advices Radio 134 : Road to NPC North Americans. Heavy Weight Martin Fitzwater and coach Nelson Jones, 12 wks out from NPC North Americans. Hosted by Scott McNally...

Drugs n Stuff, 57: weight lifting doping scandal

15 Jun 2020

Drugs n Stuff 57 : Weight Lifting Doping Scandal. With Special Guest Victoria Felkar
Hosted by Dave Crosland and Scott McNally...