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The Come Up, The come up, episode 09

27 Apr 2019
The Come Up 9: Hailey and Ryan recap Ryan’s nightmare of a weekend and terrible showing in St Louis, discussion regarding the IFBB women’s results from the St Louis Pro, answer listener questions, and even leak some hints to who may be featured guests on episodes in the near future...

Drugs n Stuff, Drugs n stuff, episode 22

25 Apr 2019
Drugs n Stuff 22 with Dave Crosland. Jockey drug use and how race horses are testing positive for cocaine and some off topic banter, then 30 minutes in, listener questions. TNE dosing with Test, EQ and Tren. Thoughts on a Sust, DHB, Masteron cycle. Triptorelin, HCG and HMG for increased sperm count...

Muscle Minds, Muscle minds, episode 60

23 Apr 2019
Muscle Minds 60: Fertility Special with Dr Scott Stevenson, Scott McNally and special guest Will Martire. Will and Dr Scott talk about the protocols and methods it took to improve Will’s fertility and help him conceive.

Clinical Muscle, Clinical muscle, episode 44

22 Apr 2019
Clinical Muscle 44 : The 1.5 Doctors are IN! This week on Clinical Muscle; Bloating and gas! Weird Poop stuff! Carbs vs Fats pre-workout! Intermittent Fasting? Weed Pre-Workout?? All this and much much more! So kick-start the resuscitator, and prep the shock paddles, because the Doctors will see you now...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Blood sweat & gear, episode 59

18 Apr 2019
Blood Sweat & Gear 59: Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally answer listener questions about all aspects of bodybuilding. This week, TNE (Test no ester) dosing with EQ, Tren and Test Prop, Foam Rolling for fascia stretching, kettle bells, popped blood vessels and more.

The Come Up, The come up, episode 08

17 Apr 2019
On the 8th installment of The Come Up Hailey and Ryan are joined by IFBB Women’s Physique Pro, Alyssa Isley. Alyssa started bodybuilding as a 110 pound bikini girl and worked her way to an elite professional WPD physique in just three years!...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 102

16 Apr 2019
Advices Radio 102 : Learning to Embrace Change with Kait Dinunzio. Bodybuilders thrive in consistency. Our ability to do the exact same thing every day is a gift for our fitness goals and it can be a curse when it comes to embracing change...

Muscle Minds, Muscle minds, episode 59

14 Apr 2019
Muscle Minds 59 with Dr Scott Stevenson. Lots of lab work discussion. Then listener questions. Androgen receptor density, sensitivity and the impact of L Carnitine. Then a look at the digestibility of peanuts. Video available on the Advice Radio Youtube...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 101

09 Apr 2019
Advices Radio 101: Dr Ken Kinakin. Ken is a Chiropractor, an educator, a powerlifter and a life long bodybuilder. As evident in SWIS (Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists), he also has a special talent for bringing brilliant people together and facilitating dialog and education.SWIS, a symposium on all things strength and physique related...

The Come Up, The come up, episode 07

08 Apr 2019
On episode 7, Hailey and Ryan give an update on their current competition prep situations as Hailey has to make a crucial decision, they discuss their trip to the Indy Pro, Ryan sees a ghost, listener questions are answered, and shoutouts!...