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Muscle Minds, Muscle minds, episode 58

28 Mar 2019
Muscle Minds 58 with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Dr Scott is back home after being interviewed on Mind Pump and Scott M wants to hear all about it. Dr Scott talks about how the tongue can be used as a map of our organs...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 99

23 Mar 2019
Advices Radio 99: Eric Marchewitz talks about the Blackstone Labs indictments with host Scott McNally

Blood Sweat & Gear, Blood sweat & gear, episode 57

21 Mar 2019
Blood Sweat & Gear 57 with Skip Hill. Skip and Scott McNally have an important bodybuilding discussion about jeans. No, not genes. Jeans. Do they look like old guys trying to be cool or just a couple of D-bags that fit right in at a bodybuilding show...

Drugs n Stuff, Drugs n stuff, episode 19

20 Mar 2019
Drugs n Stuff 19 with Dave Crosland. Dave and Scott McNally take listener questions related to diet, training and PEDs. This week, understanding mood and PEDs. Estrogen management on cycle. Planning your contest season, cycle and picking shows. Plus the benefits (or lack there of) of insulin in bodybuilding Take part of the program by asking questions and providing topic ideas. What do you want to hear about?

The Come Up, The come up, episode 06, nadia wyatt

19 Mar 2019
The Come Up Podcast 06 : Hailey and Ryan are joined by rising IFBB Figure Pro, Nadia Wyatt. Nadia joins is fresh off her 2nd place finish at the Arnold Classic and cruising in to the Olympia! Nadia discusses how she added mass in her offseason, prepping herself for the Arnold, answers listener questions, and more.

Clinical Muscle, Clinical muscle, episode 43

18 Mar 2019
Clinical Muscle 43: The 1.3 Doctors are IN! Arnold weekend Health Scare for Doctor Ogden! Clinical Case study for a Lady Listener! How to recover your guts from cycles of antibiotics? Blood Donations to control Hemoglobin/Hematocrit? Cap’N Crunch, a health food phenomenon? All this and much more! Lick your chops and prep the perineum, because the Doctors will see you now...

Muscle Minds, Muscle minds, episode 57

14 Mar 2019
Muscle Minds 57 with Dr Scott Stevenson. Scott McNally reluctantly admits to having done a high volume pump workout. Dr Scott raises some good questions. Is DOMS and muscle soreness an accurate marker of the quality of your workout?...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 98

11 Mar 2019
Advices Radio 98: IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe after his stellar 3rd place finish at Arnold Classic Columbus. Luke talks about how he and coach Chris Acito put all the final pieces together to bring his best look to date. He talks about his experience leading up to the show, his reflections on the weekend and he shares the strategies he’s taking into the Arnold AU...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 97

09 Mar 2019
Advices Radio 97 : IFBB Pro Ron Partlow talks about his take on the Arnold Classic and talks with host Scott McNally about all things training partners. Ron talks about what makes a good training partner and the benefits he’s gotten from having one. He shares some cool stories and the conversation eventually morphs into something even bigger than he and Scott where not expecting. So tune in and hang out with Big Ron!...

The Come Up, The come up, episode 05

08 Mar 2019
The Come Up 05: Arnold Classic Recap. Ryan is in a drunken sugar induced food coma while Hailey and Ryan recap their experiences at the Arnold Sports Festival. They discuss Ryan’s experience competing in Classic Physique at the Arnold Amateur...