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Muscle Minds, Muscle minds, episode 56

28 Feb 2019
Muscle Minds 56 with Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. Arnold week! This program drops the same day at Dr Scott and John Meadows seminar. So if you aren’t at the event, you can still hang out here and hear what Scott has for us today.

Drugs n Stuff, Drugs n stuff, episode 17

27 Feb 2019
Drugs n Stuff with Dave Crosland. Dave talks about the recreational drugs harm reduction work he does at grade schools. Then listener questions...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 95

26 Feb 2019
Advices Radio 95 : Powerlifter Ryan Belcher moves SUV to save accident pined victim. Hear his story and his plans to compete at the Arnold. Then Becky Wilson talks about benefits of soft tissue work. She talks about her experience with bodybuilders and how we differ from other athletes. This and more on Advices Radio 95, hosted by Scott McNally...

The Come Up, The come up, episode 04 - wittmann

25 Feb 2019
On episode 4 of The Come Up, Hailey and Ryan are joined by rising fitness photographer, Will Wittmann. Will discusses his background, quickly rising to popularity, and much more. Plus, an all new schmoe corner from Ryan’s inbox!...

Blood Sweat & Gear, Blood sweat & gear, episode 55

21 Feb 2019
Blood Sweat & Gear with Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally. The guys talk about the upcoming Arnold Classic. Skip tells us about a seminar he is doing this weekend. Then questions from the Advices Bodybuilding forum. Listener questions...

Drugs n Stuff, Drugs n stuff, episode 16

20 Feb 2019
Drugs n Stuff 16 with special guest IFBB Luke Sandoe, Dave Crosland and Scott McNally. The guys talk to Luke about the awesome changes he’s made in his life and his physique, recorded just 2 wks from his return to the Arnold Classic stage...

Advices Radio, Advices radio, episode 93

19 Feb 2019
Advices Radio 93: IFBB Pro Brandon Curry. Less than 2 wks out from competing at the Arnold Classic, Brandon talks with us from the Oxygen Gym in Kuwait. We find out what day to day life is like in the camp. We hear about his competitive and get more insight into how Brandon has drastically improved in the past couple years especially.

Clinical Muscle, Clinical muscle, episode 42

18 Feb 2019
Clinical Muscle 42: The 1.25 Doctors are IN! This week: Anxiety meds during Prep?? Deca and Tren together? High RBC’s? Training and kidney stones? And much more! So get your diabetic supplies ready and inject 3 iu of Clinical Muscle fun into your tympanic membranes, because the Doctors will see you now!

Muscle Minds, Muscle minds, episode 55

14 Feb 2019
Muscle Minds 55 with Dr Scott Stevenson. Dr Scott and Scott McNally talk about Arnold Classic plans, Dr Scott’s seminar with John Meadows and Dr Eric Serrano plus the Advices Radio/Bodybuilding Nerds Live Podcast Extravaganza....

Drugs n Stuff, Drugs n stuff, episode 15

13 Feb 2019
Drugs n Stuff 15 with Dave Crosland and Scott McNally. This week, Dave explains how SERMs can have an impact on eye sight and why. What would Dave have done differently if he could go back differently with PEDs. Realistic expectations from low doses. Mitigating red blood issues and much more!...