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Advices Stories, The addictive mind

30 May 2017

Advices Radio : Stories Edition - The Addictive Mind. Scott McNally explores the disease of addiction, filtered through a bodybuilding perspective with narratives and interviews. Featuring fellow recovering addict, Ashley Shuster and a discussion with Matt Weik about exercise dependence.

Clinical Muscle, Episode 12

18 May 2017

The 1.5 Doctors are IN! This week on Clinical muscle; Baby Conceiving Protocols? TRT and women? Post-cycle T3 and Clomid!??? All this and much much more! Snap on your latex gloves, and open up and say ahhhh, because the 1.5 Doctors will see you now.

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Advices Radio, Episode 42

16 May 2017

Advices Radio Episode 42. Jon Andersen. Jon has been a successful Pro Strongman, turned Pro Wrestler, and now turned IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. At 2 weeks out from the California Pro, he shares his unique story with host Scott McNally, while Jon does his AM fasted cardio. Jon is a shining example of a hard worker that has dedicated his life to finding new challenges and not being afraid to take big risks.

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Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 11

11 May 2017

Blood Sweat & Gear 11. Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally take the mic for another episode of BSG! This week, LOTS of listener questions. Best way to dose gear immediately post contest. Female contest cycle, is Anavar and Winstrol too much at once for a figure gal? IntraWorkout Shakes, traditional Intra powder vs Orange Juice. Dosing your supplements around a 9 day vacation. Is Insulin totally necessary with High Quality GH? BPC157. Plus Skip and Scott McNally make plans to train together later this month!!! Don’ miss the video they’ll shoot! Plus much more. So tune into BSG 11

Advices Radio, Episode 41

10 May 2017

Advices Radio 41. Double Feature!! Our focus today is Amateur Bodybuilding. First up, IFBB Pro John Simmons talks about being a contest promotor, how NPC judging works and a whole lot more. Next up, top level NPC Classic Physique competitor Ben Chimoski comes on to talk about his company Eclipse spray tanning and the importance of having a great tan to be your best on stage.

Clinical Muscle, Episode 11

09 May 2017

The Doctors are IN! The 1.5 Doctors are back for more question dissections! This week; the Doctors opinions on Crossfit?? Cycles and vacations?? Best time to use GW-50156? And much much more! Forget about shitty Dr. Oz, or the MD clowns from CBS, and tune in for Clinical Muscle on Advices Radio Network instead, because the Doctors will see you now!

Muscle Minds, Episode 10

05 May 2017

Muscle Minds 10. Jordan Peters, Dr. Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally talk about footwear while training. Jordan’s crazy Instagram lifting videos. Scott dishes out some tough love. Better growth from training multiple times a week. Pharma GH Vs Generic. HUGE segment on Water Manipulation. Plus Sorbet is back and much much more! Only on Muscle Minds 10

Advices Radio, Episode 40

03 May 2017

Advices Radio 40. Strength Depot. Recorded on location at the Strength Depot Strongman and Powerlifting Gym in Plymouth MI with Owner Shane Rickman, Chuck Zurawski, Jake Maloney and Host Scott McNally talk about the supportive community that surrounds the sport of Strongman plus the guys decide to start a new strength based podcast on ARN. Look for this show coming up in the future.